Stop, Breathe, Think

I feel like i’ve lost control over anything I do. And that’s a crappy way to feel. I have the feeling I’m going in overdrive to cope with the overload of stuff going on. 

I just had 3 weeks of 8 to 5 or 8 to 6 courses. Which is already a long day to stay focused in my opinion. I’m exhausted everyday and fall asleep as soon as I get home. Some days not even bothering to make dinner. There are days I don’t come home and sleep, and that’s when I have deadlines and groupprojects or tasks to work on or finish. And because all the tasks that pop-up the day before, I go to bed guilty because I didn’t do any studying. My life right now is just a messed up combination of stress, exhaustion and guilt.

This week I was talking to a girl in my class who has sort of the same problem as I. She told me she talked to are course counselor (like a guidance counsler) and she suggested to maybe make an appointment as well. I decided to do that, which is a big deal for me. I don’t like to admit I need help, specially with mental stuff. Most of the time I think I’m just overreacting and that I just need to work harder. But with the stress I’m feeling when I’m not studying, I can’t keep doing that.

But because our course counselor is in Africa for 3 week at the moment. I searched for methods to make me more energetic in the morning. Didn’t find that seemed to stick. So I went on with methodes to improve your sleep, by reducing stress. That does work for me! I’ve been using the meditation app “Stop, Breathe, Think” for month now, and I love it! I put it on almost every night when I go to bed. The app selects a meditation session based on the mood you put in it. There are sessions to improve your mood when you’re feeling down and sessions to empower your good mood when you’re happy. It has various sort of sessions.

The second app I use, and recently downloaded is “Relax Rain”. I noticed that 1 of my lost played mediations session was ‘nature sound’, but this one only last 3 minutes. So I started going through google play and found this app. It’s just rain, but you can choose setting (like in a forest, in the car,… sounds slightly different), you can add thunder and lighting, music and a timer!!!! MAJOR PLUS for me!

And because a good sleep is always a good start of the following day. I really recommend this to maybe reduce some of your stress right before going to bed.

Hopefully it was at least usefull and read y’all later!!


I’m not ready for this

Hello everybody!!

We’re back to somewhat weekly updates!! *yeeey* *screams in excitement* So what have I done this week? let’s do a recap!

Let’s see… Monday I had my first sort of class. It was a prep cours, revising  spelling. Which seemed useful considering I’m going to study speech therapy. Buuuuuuut it wasn’t. My spelling isn’t great, but I’m not supid.

Tuesday was binge-watch day, and gurls night (so actually, doing nothing, not showering and drinking).

And then the fun part of the week started! *YAY*So wednesday I celebrated our 7 month anneversary, because we didn’t get to celebrate our 6month. We went to Ghent, where we are going to live the next couple of years (not together).

Then thursday we went to the sea for our ‘Awesome HSM party @ the beach’ (named it myself *proud*) It was amazing! way to much alcohol, but the most fun I had in a long time! we ate french fries, tried new vodka, opened a large bottle of beer with a fork. and had best spin the wheel game ever!

And of course, fun doens’t last forever 😦 Saturday was whopping day, food and last minute stuff I needed to survive in my dorm. But it got better, my boyfriend showed up, always makes my day 10000 times better!

And then came Sunday, the day I tried to ignore. I had to pack all my last things and move to Ghent (which is still close to home, but still surviving on my own… tricky) But I have my coffee and food for at least 3 days… so I guess I get through?

Just gotta get through the fist couple of week and I’ll be used to it? Right? I really hope so!!

Update and room tour is coming soon!!! Bye!!




Hello everybody!

To be honest, I was about to skip a week again. But here I am! The last weeks I have been stressing out about everything on the inside, while trying to maintain my cool, relax self on the outside. Let’s just say I haven’t really been enjoying the summer holiday so far, except, of course some days that I met with friends.

I have been going in overdrive the last week. I’ve agreed to more things then I can mentally handle and it is kinda ruining my vacation. Well I don’t know if it’s gonna ruin my vacation actually, because the overload of activities has yet to start.

The first 2 weeks of vacation have passed and tomorrow I start a week of children camp. Which is very exciting on one hand, but it is the first time and I cannot handle the pressure I put on myself. It is also entirely my own fault, because I am practically a professional procrastinator. I made my games this week and even changed a game just today, that is planned for tomorrow. I don’t know the people I have to work with and I don’t really know if I did what was expected from me. Get were the stress is coming from?

After, hopefully, a fun and exhausting week of playing with a lot of children, we go off to London! which is so exciting! I’ve wanted to go to London for so long and it is finally here!!! But because we leave monday morning, my mom wants me to get everything ready now, because I have to work next week. So totally unnecessary stress as well. But still LONDON WHOA!

We come back from London on Saturday afternoon and on monday I start another week of children camp. Which I still have to prepare my games for… When will I do that? I have no freaking clue!

And because that isn’t already exhausting enough, I agreed to go work at my mom’s office again for 2 weeks. So that are 5 super exhausting weeks all in a row! All because I am an awful planner.

And to finish my vacation, I have 1 week to plan my 18th birthday party with one of my closest friends. Just because we didn’t want to celebrate our birthday in autumn (when it is actually our birthday) but in summer. So ‘NovemberFest in August’ has to be planned as well. And then there is 1 week left for me to do whatever I want.

Also did I mention that I have to read 3 books for school by the end of summer? And no fantasy books, but research books….

YAY SUMMER! I swear next summer I am not working at all! It is just gonna be me and all the thing I want t o do with absolutely no stress, except for the fact that I start college then.

So here is what I have ahead of me the next weeks, so if I do not post every week, it is probably because I’ll be asleep the moment I get home.

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That time before Christmas

Hi there!

Yup, it’s that time again. the period before Christmas. And I don’t mean the holiday shopping and decorating the house. I mean exams.

that’s right, learning and studying from the moment you get home from school, until you fall asleep on your books (gives you pain in the neck and you can’t sleep comfortable for days.) But because I’ve been studying all week and preparing oral exams, I didn’t really think of something to blog :s So I’m just gonna ramble some things. (sorry in advance)

In between learning I thought about Christmas gifts. I have absolutely no idea for what to get or who I should give one. I like giving and receiving gifts, but I don’t know what others like to get. I only came up with things in jars. I’m so original.

Then another thing is, what will I eat? This is serious business. We sit at home most of the day with lots of candy and chocolate. After 3 days that will become my lunch, just because I’m too lazy to make real food. At least we’ll have proper ‘made by mom’ dinner.

And if worrying about exams isn’t stressy enough, I have to make a big decision before the end of exams. Maybe it isn’t that big of a deal but it is for me. Do you know the BBC Public Speaking Awards? if not, it’s a competition where you have to do a 5 minute speech about one of the given subjects. I really want to participate, but it’s PUBLIC speaking and I can’t even do a presentation in front of my class without dying of anxiety. But if I don’t do it I will regret it. See, it comes with coaching days and these days could really help me getting over my stage fright. DILEMMA!!! I don’t know what to do 😮

These are my three issues, have you got any ideas, tips or advise, please let me know! It would seriously help me out, a lot! Thanks!!