Stop, Breathe, Think

I feel like i’ve lost control over anything I do. And that’s a crappy way to feel. I have the feeling I’m going in overdrive to cope with the overload of stuff going on.Β 

I just had 3 weeks of 8 to 5 or 8 to 6 courses. Which is already a long day to stay focused in my opinion. I’m exhausted everyday and fall asleep as soon as I get home. Some days not even bothering to make dinner. There are days I don’t come home and sleep, and that’s when I have deadlines and groupprojects or tasks to work on or finish. And because all the tasks that pop-up the day before, I go to bed guilty because I didn’t do any studying. My life right now is just a messed up combination of stress, exhaustion and guilt.

This week I was talking to a girl in my class who has sort of the same problem as I. She told me she talked to are course counselor (like a guidance counsler) and she suggested to maybe make an appointment as well. I decided to do that, which is a big deal for me. I don’t like to admit I need help, specially with mental stuff. Most of the time I think I’m just overreacting and that I just need to work harder. But with the stress I’m feeling when I’m not studying, I can’t keep doing that.

But because our course counselor is in Africa for 3 week at the moment. I searched for methods to make me more energetic in the morning. Didn’t find that seemed to stick. So I went on with methodes to improve your sleep, by reducing stress. That does work for me! I’ve been using the meditation app “Stop, Breathe, Think” for month now, and I love it! I put it on almost every night when I go to bed. The app selects a meditation session based on the mood you put in it. There are sessions to improve your mood when you’re feeling down and sessions to empower your good mood when you’re happy. It has various sort of sessions.

The second app I use, and recently downloaded is “Relax Rain”. I noticed that 1 of my lost played mediations session was ‘nature sound’, but this one only last 3 minutes. So I started going through google play and found this app. It’s just rain, but you can choose setting (like in a forest, in the car,… sounds slightly different), you can add thunder and lighting, music and a timer!!!! MAJOR PLUS for me!

And because a good sleep is always a good start of the following day. I really recommend this to maybe reduce some of your stress right before going to bed.

Hopefully it was at least usefull and read y’all later!!


Relax Time!

Hello everybody!

Skipped a week again, I’m sorry. I have been quite busy with school, art and finally updating my story. So this week I thought I’d do something that I would really enjoy Γ nd make a post about… PAMPER NIGHT! I’ve been planning this for 2 weeks now, I had a list of movies, music, books, products. All of it.Β 

First thing to do is put on some music, ain’t no relaxing without some music, right.
I played the Teen Wolf Soundtrack, I love that playlist. There are all kinds of songs. A great mix!

Moving on to snacks, I started my relax time when i got back from school, so obviously I am hungry. So I made myself a fruitsalade, well it was just an apple and a banana, but still. Got my book ready and my headphones.


After eating the daily vitamins I removed my nail polish. Because I will be renewing it with a cute new colour i bought just for this special occasion πŸ˜‰

Before dinner I planned to watch one of the movies I had put on my list. But that didn’t work out. I started watching Once Upon a Time the day before, so bye bye movies. Come to me sheriff Graham (aka Jamie Dornan, who is so much sexier there than in 50 shades to be honest).

Because you can’t take a bath right after dinner, I spend my time useful… evening skin care routine. Taking a bath with a face full of makeup is never good or even if you don’t wear makeup, it feels so much better.

And then finally it’s time for my bath!!! Pink bath bombs and bubbles make it all even better.



Recenty I have been loving Coconut scent. I don’t know why, I used to hate it. But yeah, Shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. I bought the shower gel as well this weekend :p


i don’t come out of the bath until the water gets cold, so that can take a while. After that I change into my onesie and put on a peel-off mask cucumber scent. Smells amazing, fresh and light. After 10 minutes that may go off. I really like peel-off mask, it may sound weird but the peeling off feeling is quite fun. Then I painted my nails
Then I light my candle ‘spring garden’ smell from Rituals and read a little.


Colour All You Need Is Pink by Catrice


And that’s it. I should do this every week! I enjoyed this so much. I hope you enjoyed it as well. If you did please like πŸ˜‰


Everything goes wrong

hi there!

now that I wrote mu post early I forgot to post it yesterday, SO exams are over! No studying late because I failed to start early. No stress anymore. Just relaxing, reading, shopping and decorating the house. At least until next friday when we get our grades. Let’s enjoy the time we have, shall we πŸ˜€

So exams are over, that means shopping! My friends and I had the amazing idea to go crazy and go shopping in Ghent. Everything was fine until we stepped out the train station. it was pouring rain, it was cold and we had no idea where to go. We had to take the metro, somehow. Figuring it out on our own, did not work very well. So we asked in the bus shop. “Take line 1” she said, so we did. Next problem, which stop to take. I had never been in Ghent before, so I had so idea where to get of. The moment we saw shops and cafes, we got of. Realising we got of too early we stepped further in the pouring rain to find a place to eat and dry.

We found a cosy little bistro not far and we took our time to eat. After an hour we were almost dry and it wasn’t raining anymore. We started walking, hoping to find the shops. Apparently they were just 2 streets aways. at least we know now πŸ˜‰ shopping started great. And with that I mean only the start was great. First shop found some clothes, bought pants and moved on to the next one. Picked out clothes, when to the changing rooms and found out my bag wasn’t entirely closed, and my wallet was gone. So no more shopping for me 😦

But even though so many thing went wrong, we had fun and that all that counts. (And losing my wallet, prevented me from spending to much money πŸ˜‰ ).

if you had finals, I hope they went well!