I’m broke but I had fun

Hello eveybody!

It’s been a while again 😦 March was pretty busy. Lots of classes, projects and stuff. But it was also a very fun month… I had a lot to look forward to and that is what I want to share with you guys!

As I mentioned a couple of times before, I am not a person to go to clubs and parties. The thing I do like very much is going to concerts. Which you might have noticed as well. This month I’ve been to 3, yes 3 concerts and they were AMAZING!

first one up is the performance of Nicolas. Nicolas is a magician who became famous on Belgium’s Got Talent. Later on he got his own tv-show. And this year he did live performances in ‘small town’ theatre. (because magic is more fun up close). He was amazing! Mostly it were basics tricks with a twist which gives it actually a pretty big ‘wow’-effect. The only thing I didn’t like as much was the audience participation. I was scared to dead that he was going to pull my up on stage. 1/3 of the show I felt panic. But still really really great!! (sorry no pics of this one)

A week later came the concert I never knew I needed or even come to Belgium. “Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone IN CONCERT”. I am a massive Harry Potter fan (which I will prove again later this post). I was looking forward to this moment from the minute I bought the tickets. My sister and her friend and my best friend ans me got on the train to Antwerp.

And that was quite a story. A probably drunk man started yelling at us (in Italian we guesses) because we were talking to each other. For a whole hour he did so. When we got of the train he followed us through the station. And because of the terror alarm here, there were army guys. We told them and they immediately when to check on him. Thank you, army guys!!

The concert itself was just unbelievable! our conductor was such a funny guy. He told us to feel free to cheer for our favorite house or favorite character as much as we wanted. The first immense cheer was for Mister Olivander, but the biggest introduction cheer was for non other than Professor Severus Snape. We all cheered when first years were put in our houses, we cheered at the quidditch match. It was so much fun, and because of that it really felt as if you were actually IN the movie! Just MAGICAL!


And then there was the moment I’ve been waiting for almost 3 years! Lindsey Stirling finally returned to belgium with the Brave Enough Tour! I’ve been stalking her social media for so long and this month she came back. And I only cried 3 times. I was accompanied by my ‘equally obsessed with Lindsey Stirling’ – friend. It was so so so perfect, even better than I had imagined. If you don’t know her look her up!

Lindsey Striling is a dancing violist. her music is a mix of dubstep and pop (I think, I don’t know that much about music). But she danced almost all the time along with her back up dancers. Throughout the show she shared stories, personal stories, the meanings of her songs. She is such a strong person and a fighter. it was funny too, the whole band played some song on toy instruments, how cool is that! She is amazing and I don’t think any concert will ever top this one. AND she actually stood 3 meters away from my, I could’ve touched her if I wanted, but she was playing so I couldn’t.
crying moments: when it started – one of the stories she told – the encore song

And then last but definitely not least. Because surprisingly enough within a month I made friends, like actual friend I don’t have to put effort in to like. How come, you ask? They love Harry Potter as much as I do! We all went to FACTS together, cosplaying as HP character (rather poorly, only had a month to prep, because we’ve been friends for only a month). FACTS is the Belgian Comic Con, and it was my first time. I felt like a toddler in a theme park. I was so happy!

If any Belgian people are reading this, and went to Facts on saturday, we were the people handing out compliments to every one :p Such a Hufflepuff thing to do

Well this was a very long post, sorry about that. Anyway hope you liked it. I have a feeling this post isn’t organised at all… oops, I will revise it soon

read y’all later


Need Coffee to Adult

Hello everybody!

I don’t really know where this post is going today, but i felt like writing. So here I am writing whatever will come up to me!

With all this college stuff being I don’t really have a hobby anymore. I haven’t had a hobby for a couple years. But now it’s noticable I don’t have any. Last year I got together with friends alot. But now I’m just learning, sitting and staring at a wall until I find something to do. With that in mind I want to start wrinting again! It’s been ages since I written something besides my blog (which I love doing, but it’s not as regular as I would like). I want to continue writing my story on Wattpad ‘The Forgotten Tales‘ (very shameless self-promoting I’m sorry, but maybe views will encourage me to write?)

Something else happened that was very exciting! GILMORE GIRLS IS BACK Y’ALL! I’ve been waiting for this since I know there was going to be a sequel. I just wanted to cry all 4 episodes long. I love how it starts in Winter, “I smell snow”. And it was so beautiful and all the memories. I remember watching it with my mom when I was little, not understanding a word of it. Because english isn’t my native language and I couldn’t read then. But I remember watching it everytime it was on tv. It’s a little bit like Friends, it’s ALWAYS somewhere airing. And 2 or 3 years ago I wanted to see the show in chronological order for once so I did. And I fell in love.

It did made me realise why I love the gazebo in the park near my dorm so much. Somehow it must have reminded me of the gazebo in the show. It was my favorite place in the whole show. It’s not as pretty as in Gilmore Girls, but I love it :p

Futhermore (fancy words) I don’t have anything, except the fact that I just wacht 1 movie 6 times a day. It works motivating, and time seens to go faster. It’s like playing music while studying, I put on Nerve on repeat for the whole day. Like a toddler, I still enjoy the movie.

I do have the mind of a toddler though. I like very childish things. Socks with cute prints. kids shows and movies, even kids music. It’s just all so happy, teen music or adult music ain’t even close to happy. I prefer happy 😀 The only thing I do like an adult is drink coffee! And like an Honorary Gilmore Girl would say “Do you like coffee? Only with my oxygen!”

So that was it, a totally inprovised post, about nothing exciting really; I don’t know if it’s pathetic the most memorable thing of the last week is the premier of Gilmore Girls. Well, better luck next time!

Read you soon-ish


The College Prude

Hello everybody!

I’m late again, but this time I do have a valid excuse! The internet in my dorm sucks, which makes daily tasks and habbits impossible and sometimes a living hell. I can’t see my online schoolnetwork, which has all my tasks and courses. It is incredably frustrating to have no internet when you’re so used to it.

But that is not the topic of this weeks post. Like my title predicts it’s about college and being prude. I wanted to make this post, because I feel like this is something you don’t see or hear often on media. Or at least I didn’t.

Being in college of uni is a big change and everybody has expectation about how it is going to be when you finally get there. You saw movies, read book, all romatisizing college life. You start dreaming and fantasizing about parties and how you will meet the love of your life in classes. And you really look forward to it!

Well that wasn’t the case for me. I been worrying and panicking about college since I was 16. Not in a good way, but in a way that gave me anxiety attacks. I am not this outgoing partygirl. I feel incredably uncomfortable at parties, even small ones in my hometown. I’d rather go to a cozy pub and have a drink with my friends and talk, then going to an overcrowded sweaty space where drunken people jump up and down. (not a problem with people who do like that, everybody is different).

Lately my group of friends has shifted from pubs to clubs. And I kind of felt the social pressure of going and liking it. And I tried to enjoy it, I really tried. I felt like a prude, like I didn’t belong here. And I ended up liking them for a whole other reason. I started drinking… a lot. it was the only way I felt comfortable there. And for some time I didn’t even notice how f*cked up that was. Until someone pointed it out to me, and I did realise drinking isn’t going to make anything better and that this ‘college life’ isn’t only this.

Like I said everybody is different and has different interests. If you don’t like parties, don’t go to them. Don’t feel pressured. Do what you like and don’t feel weird about not doing what other people do. Be yourself and do what makes you feel happy, that is college life. Doing what you love, exploring what you do or don’t like. And have fun, whatever you choose to do!

I don’t know if any of you feels or ever felt like this. But I did and writing about it helps me and maybe even others.

read you soon!



Hello everybody!

Maybe you already know what this weeks post is about, or maybe you don’t. Either way, I am going to be extremely excited about it, so you’ve been warned. Last sunday I went to see freaking PENTATONIX LIVE!!! If you don’t know them, stop reading, look them up, come back and fangirl along with me! 

I had been super excited when I found out they were coming to Belgium, which is about a month. Me, being the annoyingly excited person I am, tried to find a person to go with me to the concert (cuz mommy doesn’t let me go alone). After a whole week of obsessively searching I still hadn’t found anyone who was willing to go. But then in a 1AM conversation with about I don’t even know what. I found my person! *yay* I was too excited I couldn’t sleep anymore, and then he just decided to go to sleep, leaving me wide awake (didn’t really like that 😦 ). And because of our super enthusiastic rants about PTX, we found person 3 and 4!

And then finally after a month of intensive Pentatonix music, I don’t know why, but accapella music absolutely my shizzle, it’s an art really. I mean come on, it’s magic.

But yeah, the concert was literally the magical! They silenced the whole room 3(!) times. It’s was just beautiful. And OMG Mitch’ ‘ball squeezing’-voice is just “WHOA!”, I was not ready for that AT ALL! I was almost crying, I need him to be my GBF! I want to repeat that night, every day!

But describing how good it was ain’t working, there are no words to describe the awesomeness level of that night! But here are some pics! (Taken by two of my friends, because I don’t have a fancy Iphone with a decent camera :p )

This first one is my absolute FAVORITE picture of them all! I mean it screams perfection!! Obviously it is now the background on my phone and laptop (DUH!)










Mitch ❤


That’s Christmas to me, without mics ❤


Result of That’s Christmas to me, without mics


Grouppic!!! (look at all the people in the back also taking selfies :p ) Im the third one from the left 😉

Well this is it, I told you this was gonna be a fangirl post! but all by all it wasn’t to extreme, it could’ve gotten creepy obsessive, but that didn’t happen (I think). If you ever get the chance to go to a PTX concert, do it! You won’t regret it!

Oh almost forgot, of course I bought a souvenir…



Welcome to 2015!

Hi there!

This being the first post of the new year, I want to wish you all a very happy New Year. May this be the year all your dreams and wishes come true. Be happy, laugh a lot and hang out with the people who make you happy!

This New Year’s Eve was, before midnight, cosy and relaxed. It was just My mom and dad, my sister and me. We made a fancy dinner just for us and watched some movies. My mom and my sister aren’t really night people and party people, so they just stayed up until midnight, just to go to bed right after :p

This year the Girl Scout girls organised a first, and maybe last, New Year’s Eve party. So after midnight I headed over to that, with my friends. I had a great time. In the beginning they were worried not many people would come, and for a moment it looked like it. But after an hour or 2 the place was so crowded. Dancing and drinking, not too much of course *I mean the drinking* Lots of laughs, lots of beer over my, but that’s the charm of parties, isn’t it? The wonderful stickiness of cold beer on your skin and the knots in your hair when you accidently flick your hair in your, or somebody elses :s, drink. We had so much fun the whole night, until the last half hour. We were dancing the Macarena *Throwing all our best dance moves out* , when I bumped into someone, that someone was my crush. First 10 minutes were great, we talked, little flirting, all good? We went outside and walked to the park. Still good.
But here it comes… When I drink a little it feels like my brain is 2 seconds behind with comprehending what is happening and I also forget to think before speaking. And these are the things that made the whole moment super awkward. So we were in the park, and before I realised what was happening, we were kissing. And when it hit me, I panicked. I pulled away and said some stupid and weird things. *moment totally ruined* We walked back and said some more stupid things, it like they didn’t stop coming. (I’m not going into detail, it’s too embarrassing for me, I’m still processing the whole thing).
So if anyone has any tips on being normal and how to avoid being awkward, please let me know I need it so bad!!! 😮

And that was New Year’s Eve, and yesterday one of my best friends had her 18th birthday party *keep the parties coming!* She, another friend and I went to decorate the space with Frozen tinsel and beer from Austria. Her party theme is Après Ski! So that meant dressing in appropriate clothes, but I don’t ski, so I only had fluffy socks and a woolen hat.

And the party was great. its wasn’t a big party, just some friends and family. fu music, lots of dancing (crazy dancing). May have acted a little weird, but I only do that when I’m getting tired and have to stay active, if I had a little bit too much to drink and if I just feel like it and keeping it fun. This time it was the first and the last one (I hadn’t drank at all). I had a great time with my friends and the cousins. I don’t have the pictures yet, but they’ll come soon :p

I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve and let’s hope 2015 is even better!!!


My Happy List :D

Hi there!!

I’m back on schedule! *applauding* I had trouble finding inspiration lately. I’ve had a really crappy week, those days you have to much time to think about all the shitty things that happened over the last months and it reached a limit. You know, just lying in bed, listening to sad music and stare at the wall in front of you? To get over those moments there is a cure! Happy Lists!

The point of happy list is to make them when you feel down and check of as many as you can!

25 things that make me smile

1. Pancake Breakfast
2. Listening to music (currently 1989 from Taylor Swift)
3. Taking hot bath with loads of bubbles
4. Chatting with friends about random stuff
5. Writing (on my blog and my own story)
6. Reading (obviously)
7. Watching Disney movies
8. Drinking tea or coffee
9. Taking photographs
10. Singing along to High School Musical songs
11. Listening to Internet Takeover on BBC Radio 1
12. Watching youtubers
13. Being artsy and creative
14. Eating (I know, comfort food is never good!!)
15. Sleeping
16. Dancing around the house without pants on (FREEDOM! Or is that just me, again?)
17. Going to school (I just have a really cool class! it fun!)
18. Buying new clothes
19. Online shopping
20. Getting presents (some people like it and some don’t. And I LOVE it :p )
21. Going to parties (not every week of course 😉 )
22. Flowers
23. Trying new things to bake
24. Cooking a whole meal for your family
25. Discovering new music/bands

This was it.
What is happiness to you


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