Dear Reader,


Dear Reader,

You are never going to believe what I did this week! surprise, surprise… I’ve read a book. Since my social life is non-existent with my school schedule and all the after school preps for the day after, my little free time goes to reading these day (as you may noticed since this is the third book review in a row, if it’s boring just let me know and I’ll stop). I read in every sort of spare time I have. 10 min before class? Read. waiting in the elevator? Read. Breakfast? Read. I hide in the ‘tower’ at school so I can have some quiet time to read. I HAVE NO LIFE ANYMORE! But hey, reading is the best thing ever!

why am I writing in email form, you ask? well, that is because it is the way my latest book and today’s subject is written. This week I’ve read the book “Love, Rosie” by Cecelia Ahern. The movie adaptation has been one of my favorite movies for years! and since lately my book genre preference is noticeably changing I gave the book a go, and I absolutely LOVED it.

The whole book is writing in letter/email/postcard/chat/call form, which is a bit weird in the beginning (especially when you saw the movie), because you only know what’s been told in the letter nothing more and nothing less. But once you are adjusted to the writing style you are so absorbed in the story that you just want to keep reading and reading! The story is in big lines the same in the movie, some other chronology. But it is far more ‘real’, as far as I can relate, you know I’m not a mother at the age of 19. But it is way more realistic than the movie (logical of course). (It also a great book if you, like me, read for 5 minutes a time, because after every letter you can stop without having the problem of stopping in the middle of a paragraph)

Rosie’s life, the ups and down get revealed through the letters, which makes it more personal, in my opinion. Everybody’s life gets into the story. Not just Alex’s and Rosie’s. I think reading the book made me appreciate the movie more. The movie is of course awfully americanized, it really romanticized the ‘being a  teen mom without a diploma’ a lot. The actual story doesn’t completely revolves around the love life of Alex and Rosie. There is so much more to it. Meeting people, making friends when you have a kid while having no job nor education. The story covers the ‘whole’ life of Rosie, also with some time jumps.

I think it is an inspirational, yet funny story about a woman trying to achieve her dreams, no matter how life turns her world upside down. Always wanting the best for everybody around her, without trying to forget her own happiness. Nobody’s life is a fairy tale, everybody has obstacles. But that doesn’t mean you are defeated even though it might feel that way. Just push through and never forget your dream, even if life gets in the way. And yes, I did cry on multiple occasions.

B ❤


Some Nerve and a little bit Charisma

Hi booklover!

This one is for you guys!! Since I made the switch from paper to digital I have more opportunities to read, which is very awesome! I’ve set myself a reasonable Reading Challenge on Goodreads in Januari and I’m back on track!

You may or may not have guessed which books I’m going to review today. But two of my recent readings were Nerve and Charisma by Jeanne Ryan. You may know Nerve from the movie adaptation with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. Well, there was indeed a novel first!


To survive this game, choosing DARE is your only option…

Let me start by saying that if you’ve watched the movie and (like me) do not like book after movie, but feel stupid because you didn’t know there was a book, GOOD NEWS. The book is NOTHING like the movie. honestly I don’t think the producers even read it.

The story is about a girl, Vee, who is a shy ‘behind – the – scenes’ kind of girl. And like any teenage gal she has a best friend and of course a hubba hubba crush. While they are performing there schoolplay, there are prelimination for this super exciting and mega popular game called NERVE.

Things get a little out of hand at the schoolplay, and in a rage Vee sign up for her first DARE. She get selected and chosen for the live rounds where she can win amazing prizes. And to top that all, she gets partnered with Ian…

But how far will you go to get what you want?

Althought it is COMPLETELY different than the movie (which is one of my faves) I really liked it! It was exciting to read without needing constant action prompts. There is like this ‘suggestion’ build up to every dare. You read the reaction of the characters and your mind immediatly goes to ‘what will they have to do now?’ ‘How will they do it?’.

It has this psychological part in it, which makes you think what you would do if you were Vee. It also has enough action and detail. Unlike the movie there is a lot of background in this story, which really puts the story in a different perspective. The fact that you discover new pieces of those background ’till the very last chapter makes the character more interesting.

Also I really like Jeanne Ryans writing style, it’s easy to read, yet diverse. I can’t really discribe it, I’m not an expert. You could just keep reading, no complicated sentences or chapters that take a century to get through.

I just really really liked it!

This was part one of the Jeanne Ryan reviews, next time I will review Charmisa.

Hope you like it! I’m not a pro in writing review, just sharing some of my books :p

read y’all later



Need Coffee to Adult

Hello everybody!

I don’t really know where this post is going today, but i felt like writing. So here I am writing whatever will come up to me!

With all this college stuff being I don’t really have a hobby anymore. I haven’t had a hobby for a couple years. But now it’s noticable I don’t have any. Last year I got together with friends alot. But now I’m just learning, sitting and staring at a wall until I find something to do. With that in mind I want to start wrinting again! It’s been ages since I written something besides my blog (which I love doing, but it’s not as regular as I would like). I want to continue writing my story on Wattpad ‘The Forgotten Tales‘ (very shameless self-promoting I’m sorry, but maybe views will encourage me to write?)

Something else happened that was very exciting! GILMORE GIRLS IS BACK Y’ALL! I’ve been waiting for this since I know there was going to be a sequel. I just wanted to cry all 4 episodes long. I love how it starts in Winter, “I smell snow”. And it was so beautiful and all the memories. I remember watching it with my mom when I was little, not understanding a word of it. Because english isn’t my native language and I couldn’t read then. But I remember watching it everytime it was on tv. It’s a little bit like Friends, it’s ALWAYS somewhere airing. And 2 or 3 years ago I wanted to see the show in chronological order for once so I did. And I fell in love.

It did made me realise why I love the gazebo in the park near my dorm so much. Somehow it must have reminded me of the gazebo in the show. It was my favorite place in the whole show. It’s not as pretty as in Gilmore Girls, but I love it :p

Futhermore (fancy words) I don’t have anything, except the fact that I just wacht 1 movie 6 times a day. It works motivating, and time seens to go faster. It’s like playing music while studying, I put on Nerve on repeat for the whole day. Like a toddler, I still enjoy the movie.

I do have the mind of a toddler though. I like very childish things. Socks with cute prints. kids shows and movies, even kids music. It’s just all so happy, teen music or adult music ain’t even close to happy. I prefer happy 😀 The only thing I do like an adult is drink coffee! And like an Honorary Gilmore Girl would say “Do you like coffee? Only with my oxygen!”

So that was it, a totally inprovised post, about nothing exciting really; I don’t know if it’s pathetic the most memorable thing of the last week is the premier of Gilmore Girls. Well, better luck next time!

Read you soon-ish


Finally Vacation!

Hello everyone!

So this week hasn’t been as productive as I planned it to be. That’s why the London Primark Haul is being postponed, sowwy! I decided I’m just gonna do a little update on my life and then I can continue to binge watch Gilmore Girls :p

Last week was my first official real vacation! whoow! I was home the week before that, but I was sick and I couldn’t move, so I had to stay home lie down and be a plant for almost a week. But I was glad it was then and not in my actual free time.

Did watch a lot of films, did see most of those films more than once, because I suck at searching for new ones. So it was Disney’s Descendance, Love, Rosie, Stuck in Love and Pitch Perfect for a week. Descendance is actually a pretty cool movie, and damn the son of Belle and Adam (Beast) is so cute. Totally my type! And he can sing, dancing… not really, but hey who cares 😉
The other three movies I know by heart, that’s how much I’ve seen and love them.

And then last week, luckily I felt much much better. My first two days were cleaning the house, because I had a Movie Marathon sleepover on wednesday with my friend Senne (again being awesome and promting his  youtube channel). We watched movies I love and he hasn’t seen, which are mostly movies he doesn’t like, which makes it even funnier.

we watched
Pitch Perfect (Duh! I practically said the whole script while watching. Super annoying I know.)
The Babadook (which is suppose to be a super scary psychological horror movie, which I have been mentally preparing for for months. Well it sucks, isn’t scary or any good. But that’s just my opinion)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Because you can never see/read to many Harry Potter)
Up (Is and will always be an amazing Pixar movie, luckily I didn’t cry, because I may or may not have fallen asleep for some scenes)
Inside Out (In my opinion way to overrated, it was a bit boring, and I fell asleep)
And then we also watched the first 2 episodes of Breaking Bad. I do not like that show, It’s all so boring, please let there be other people who don’t like it, because according to him, I’m to first person he knows that doesn’t like it. (same senario happened when I said I didn’t like Orange is the new black)
The close of we watched The Numbr 23, which I saw about 4 years ago, and I thought it was awesome. It still was good, but less impressed. 14 year olds are much easier to ‘wow’ I guess.

Friday was a boring day, I had to catch up on sleep. But friday night was cool. I couldn’t sleep at all, so at 3am I decided to do something, because I wasn’t gonna fall asleep very soon. So I got my sketchblock and my pencils out and I just draw Lucy Hale, it turned out pretty well I think!

lucy hale

Oh saturday was fun, I was really bored so I started making a birthdaycard for my friend, and I was getting excited and getting her excited like “who knows what it will look like, full of glitter, maybe even wings”. and her response was obviously “Oh my, I want wings on my card, give me wings!”. Being a cool friend and extremely bored I made her a winged card, I still cannot believe I did that.

winged bday cad

I hope she will like the gifts we bought her!!

bday joyce

I’m really excited for our birthday party tomorrow! It’s called NovemberFest in August, because our birthdays are actually in November, but we wanted a sunny birthday for once and not grey and rainy. But karma is ahead of us again, looks like its gonna be grey, rainy and windy tomorrow. What have we done wrong 😦 But we’re gonna have fun anyway!

That was it for this week hope you liked it and see you again normally next week!!


Relax Time!

Hello everybody!

Skipped a week again, I’m sorry. I have been quite busy with school, art and finally updating my story. So this week I thought I’d do something that I would really enjoy ànd make a post about… PAMPER NIGHT! I’ve been planning this for 2 weeks now, I had a list of movies, music, books, products. All of it. 

First thing to do is put on some music, ain’t no relaxing without some music, right.
I played the Teen Wolf Soundtrack, I love that playlist. There are all kinds of songs. A great mix!

Moving on to snacks, I started my relax time when i got back from school, so obviously I am hungry. So I made myself a fruitsalade, well it was just an apple and a banana, but still. Got my book ready and my headphones.


After eating the daily vitamins I removed my nail polish. Because I will be renewing it with a cute new colour i bought just for this special occasion 😉

Before dinner I planned to watch one of the movies I had put on my list. But that didn’t work out. I started watching Once Upon a Time the day before, so bye bye movies. Come to me sheriff Graham (aka Jamie Dornan, who is so much sexier there than in 50 shades to be honest).

Because you can’t take a bath right after dinner, I spend my time useful… evening skin care routine. Taking a bath with a face full of makeup is never good or even if you don’t wear makeup, it feels so much better.

And then finally it’s time for my bath!!! Pink bath bombs and bubbles make it all even better.



Recenty I have been loving Coconut scent. I don’t know why, I used to hate it. But yeah, Shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. I bought the shower gel as well this weekend :p


i don’t come out of the bath until the water gets cold, so that can take a while. After that I change into my onesie and put on a peel-off mask cucumber scent. Smells amazing, fresh and light. After 10 minutes that may go off. I really like peel-off mask, it may sound weird but the peeling off feeling is quite fun. Then I painted my nails
Then I light my candle ‘spring garden’ smell from Rituals and read a little.


Colour All You Need Is Pink by Catrice


And that’s it. I should do this every week! I enjoyed this so much. I hope you enjoyed it as well. If you did please like 😉


My Addictive Personality

Hello there!


At the moment I have BHS and I need to talk about it!!

Allow me to explain… BHS stands for “Black Hole Syndrome” I don’t know it is real, okay I made it up  but it is the best way to describe how I feel. It is the feeling you have when something is over, like your life has no meaning anymore, like nothing can replace that and you just lay in your bed days in a row questioning the meaning of life. (This is not the definition that Urban Dictionary said, so I added it :p)

There are a few things that make me have BHS. I have it every week, the first couple hours after I watched the latest Teen Wolf episode. (Also after a big recap and discussion about it all with my lil sis, of course)

I have it when I come back from a camp.  After a week of activity and incredibly fun things You get home, there is nothing to do there, you just lay there and when you start missing the people.

But the worst thing that gives me the Black Hole Syndrome is a book. You see I don’t read books twice, I can’t because I know what’s gonna happen and the excitement is gone. But when I finish a series of book that I loved so much, that when you reached the last page, stare at the final sentence for a while, then eventually close the book very slowly and gaze at the black wall in front of you wandering how you move on with your life. Then I feel the need to talk about it, to make it seem like it isn’t gone. I look things up, search if they’re gonna make it into a movie. But for that there sometimes is a cure. A cure which can help u move on. And that amazing cure is called FANFICTION! By reading fanfics the feels like it’s still here. And that is the best feeling in the world on that moment.

Another thing that gives me BHS is finishing a book of a series, but it isn’t the last one. And you have to wait for days before the next book arrives. Well for that fanfics won’t help. Because then they become a curse… Stories full of spoilers!!!

By the title of this post you can maybe guess that this all is a side effect of having a addictive personality. This has a good and a bad side.

The good thing about an addictive personality is that when you’re really into something, you are gonna go for it and work hard for it to succeed. Which is a very good quality.

But the downside of this is that when your energy in something like a book or tv-show or movies. It is a major distraction. It consumes time you can (should) spend on more important things like studies and/or work. Which for me is the biggest problem.

But it isn’t only that. I have a theory, it might be just something I tell myself to keep doing it. But I find it very logical. I think I need that distraction, I need something to take my mind of things. That when I come home from a long boring school day and that homework, I need something to look forward to something that makes me happy.

I’ve been like this as long as I remember. I had always something I was collecting or “obsessing” about. The first I remember were Diddle sheets (Diddle is a mouse, used to be very popular in Belgium and the Nederlands). And then came High School Musical, followed by Twilight (for a really long time), Then Harry Potter. Then came another long period of One Direction. And then Harry potter again. I have boxes full of stuff about these things.

And right now it is still Harry Potter, plus Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner series. (But the materialistic side of my addictions is gone, though) I know there are quite a few people just like me and I hope I explained it right. That’s all! Thanks for reading!!