FairyLoot unboxing

Hi everybody!

After a month of exam stress, it is finally over and I can go back to fun things! YAY! Before exams started I bought myself a christmas present, and a motivation to look forward to during exams! I ordered my first FairyLoot book box! 

Although it was a little expensive with shipping added, it was really worth buying it ! It had so many fun gadget it in, any booklover would love it! All the gadgets are related to the book or the theme of the book, so it all fits together when your finished reading the story 😀

What is in the box, you ask? Well…

The first gadget I saw was the Meraki Candle ‘COME BACK YESTERDAY’. It smells amazing! like cocoa, berries and musk, to be exact. It was named by the author herself, which make it even cooler, in my opinion.

Next there I found the Funko Mystery Mini box, I got a mini Hermione Granger!!! This was also my first Funko Pop! item I got :p

Then came jewelry!!! Oh Panda Eyes, made a beautiful rose necklace for FairyLoot. I think it’s very pretty and I really like the lock as well. It’s not a standard little one, but a big one in the same style as the rose! I love it!

To eveyone surprise… THERE WAS A SECOND BOOK!!! ‘HOW TO THINK LIKE SHERLOCK’ by Daniel Smith. In this book they explain the personaly and the mind of the great Sherlock Holmes, with actually excisiting karacter and personality theories and neuroscience. But don’t worry it’s not a schoolbook in disguise, after the scientific insights there are puzzles to help you to observe, not just to see.


Final item before the book reveal… a beautiful pillowcase! It was placed in bed by the time I went to bed.



I was already hoping it would be this book. Because for some reason my whole instagram was filled with pictures of it! And I was not so secretly crossing my fingers when I opened the bag.

CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber! along with the drawing of this month’s book, Fairyscoop, the letter form the author and 2 super pretty bookmarks (which are already placed in several others books I’m reading (oops?). I’m so happy with the whole box! I’m definitely going to buy another one! Sadly it is too expensive for me to really subscribe to it every month 😦 but maybe someday I will!

I’m already writing 2 other post, and hopefully I will keep up writing regularly!

read you later!!





Spring Favorites

Hello everyone!

It has been spring for a while now and the sun if finally showing more than the usual here in Belgium *Yeey* It has been extraordinary hot here. But of course I had to work the first week of spring break and missed most of the sunny days 😦 (typical). But I had still 4 days and the weekend. So what to do after earning money? that’s right SHOPPING!

Because this is the only time I really went shopping this spring are most of my favorites were bought last week. But I bought them because I loved them, so they are favorites, right? :p Let’s begin!

1. LUSH Bath Bombs!! I bought the Sex Bomb and The Comforter. They smell absolutely amazing! I haven’t used them yet, but I can’t wait! I probably got high on smelling bath bombs, I spend too much time in there. I just love that shop!


2. Rituals Body Cream!! I love shops likes these, the smell is amazing, I love walking around is these shops. I even got a hand massage! yeah, I know. It was lovely! So I bought the Body Cream she used Magic Touch I feels amazing, so soft and silky.


3. Some jewelry never hurt someone so here are two pair I bought from SIX. They were necessary, though, I’ve been wearing the same pair all the time. But change is on his way 😉


4. I am in love with these sunglasses! My mom told me to get black sunglasses, so I looked more grown up. Grown up isn’t really my style, though. So I got these black ones with a touch, Black on the outside, white on the inside. Classic but different, and my mom loves them too, so mission accomplished!


5. Nail polish. The purple one is from the Limited Doll’s Edition and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I dare to say it is my favorite of all the colours I have. The other one is magic to me, It a mat top coat. I know this probably exists for a long time, but I just discovered it. I was suspicious about it though, I tested it on my most shiny nail polish and it works!!


5. Jewelry Part II ; I normally don’t wear must bracelets besides from those that never leave my wrist (holiday sentimental :p). But my logical mind was like, “These you perfect with the earrings I bought, oh and that ring, I can’t leave that just there when it’s obviously make to wear with the bracelets.” So I got them…

IMG_1353 IMG_1355 IMG_1356

7. Last but not least, some make up brushes. Because I am only starting out with make up, I am not going to buy expensive ones, these were less than 1 euro (1.08 dollar and 0.72 pound). My friend got these for me when I said I loved hers, isn’t she sweet ❤ They are covered in little hearts, uber cute


And that was it!, It’s not everything I got, but the other ones I still have to try out, so it’s possible that there will be a Spring Favorites Part II, if you’d like that, of course. If not, do let me know. But if you did like it please like and leave a comment below 😀