I’m broke but I had fun

Hello eveybody!

It’s been a while again 😦 March was pretty busy. Lots of classes, projects and stuff. But it was also a very fun month… I had a lot to look forward to and that is what I want to share with you guys!

As I mentioned a couple of times before, I am not a person to go to clubs and parties. The thing I do like very much is going to concerts. Which you might have noticed as well. This month I’ve been to 3, yes 3 concerts and they were AMAZING!

first one up is the performance of Nicolas. Nicolas is a magician who became famous on Belgium’s Got Talent. Later on he got his own tv-show. And this year he did live performances in ‘small town’ theatre. (because magic is more fun up close). He was amazing! Mostly it were basics tricks with a twist which gives it actually a pretty big ‘wow’-effect. The only thing I didn’t like as much was the audience participation. I was scared to dead that he was going to pull my up on stage. 1/3 of the show I felt panic. But still really really great!! (sorry no pics of this one)

A week later came the concert I never knew I needed or even come to Belgium. “Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone IN CONCERT”. I am a massive Harry Potter fan (which I will prove again later this post). I was looking forward to this moment from the minute I bought the tickets. My sister and her friend and my best friend ans me got on the train to Antwerp.

And that was quite a story. A probably drunk man started yelling at us (in Italian we guesses) because we were talking to each other. For a whole hour he did so. When we got of the train he followed us through the station. And because of the terror alarm here, there were army guys. We told them and they immediately when to check on him. Thank you, army guys!!

The concert itself was just unbelievable! our conductor was such a funny guy. He told us to feel free to cheer for our favorite house or favorite character as much as we wanted. The first immense cheer was for Mister Olivander, but the biggest introduction cheer was for non other than Professor Severus Snape. We all cheered when first years were put in our houses, we cheered at the quidditch match. It was so much fun, and because of that it really felt as if you were actually IN the movie! Just MAGICAL!


And then there was the moment I’ve been waiting for almost 3 years! Lindsey Stirling finally returned to belgium with the Brave Enough Tour! I’ve been stalking her social media for so long and this month she came back. And I only cried 3 times. I was accompanied by my ‘equally obsessed with Lindsey Stirling’ – friend. It was so so so perfect, even better than I had imagined. If you don’t know her look her up!

Lindsey Striling is a dancing violist. her music is a mix of dubstep and pop (I think, I don’t know that much about music). But she danced almost all the time along with her back up dancers. Throughout the show she shared stories, personal stories, the meanings of her songs. She is such a strong person and a fighter. it was funny too, the whole band played some song on toy instruments, how cool is that! She is amazing and I don’t think any concert will ever top this one. AND she actually stood 3 meters away from my, I could’ve touched her if I wanted, but she was playing so I couldn’t.
crying moments: when it started – one of the stories she told – the encore song

And then last but definitely not least. Because surprisingly enough within a month I made friends, like actual friend I don’t have to put effort in to like. How come, you ask? They love Harry Potter as much as I do! We all went to FACTS together, cosplaying as HP character (rather poorly, only had a month to prep, because we’ve been friends for only a month). FACTS is the Belgian Comic Con, and it was my first time. I felt like a toddler in a theme park. I was so happy!

If any Belgian people are reading this, and went to Facts on saturday, we were the people handing out compliments to every one :p Such a Hufflepuff thing to do

Well this was a very long post, sorry about that. Anyway hope you liked it. I have a feeling this post isn’t organised at all… oops, I will revise it soon

read y’all later


This the season to be jolly…

Hello everybodyyy!! (sorry for the lay-out, I cant seem to fix it :/ )
Never in my life have I felt less christmassy than this year! It sucked cause I absolutely loooove Christmas spirit! I had all my stuff ready to make a christmas haul, because for some reason I had a lot of stuff. Didn’t impove the feeling though. Anyway I had all these blog ideas but literally no time.
Since this year Winterbreak turned into study season. I think I studied more in 2 weeks than I did all 7 years of high school combined. And still I’m going to fail hard. Even with my highly orginazed planning (yes, I’m one of those people, and yes I stick to it. Even worse, I’m a day ahead, you can imagine the hate of others when you tell them that :p ). So my planning AND watching Grey’s anatomy, I still don’t get it. And I have 3 subjects of anatomie, so please kill me now!
I do am proud of myself a little, because I do study as much as I can fysically handle (which is going to bed at 10pm, or I can’t function at all in the morning), and my breaks are not binge watching series, like I normally would. It was like an early new years resolution, being productive on breaks. So that means reading… the high quality literature of wattpad fanfiction, if you like Harry Potter fanfics look up kmbell92. Also I started knitting again, still nog any further than last year… just knitting patches, I can make a blanket with is, someday when I have 1000 patches. And writing as uch as I can with the limited creativity I have, during these boring times.
But studying during christmas and new year sucks really hard. Seeing my cousins get drunk, even my mum doing a shot, and you just sit there. Nah, I have to study tomorrow. And I’m saving my day for New Year (which was a good choice btw). But christmas was very fun, I got my uncle and I got each other for secret Santa and we got each other Harry Potter gifts. There was a lot of martini bellini, and it was fun seeing everybody again. But god, I can’t wait until all those children are a bit older, it’s a miracle I’m not deaf!
Then after a week of hard work, studying and liters coffee, IT WAS NEW YEAR! We all really looked forward to it. This was the second year we did this, and just like then we made food (this year was macaroni) had some drinks (waaaay less than last year, cuz studying). It was the best time of the holidays. Also did a secret santa And I got awsome gifts!Around 11pm, the boyz came (the boyfriends and their friends) wished happy newyear and left to the pub :p I was freezing my toes off!!

In my opinion studying during holiday season should be illegal, how can I znjoy my Harry Potter gifts when I have to learn. And now the holidays are almost over and I getting panicked about exams starting Monday, just hoping I won’t cry in the middle of my exam… at least wainting til I get home for that

Anyways read y’all later if my parents didn’t kill me because I failed everything! Lovies<3

Bucket list: London

Hello everybody!

Again I have missed several weeks this time, no excuses, I was just being lazy. But here I am!
So 3 weeks ago I left my tiny country to go to the All Fabulous London! It was amazing I wanna live in England, maybe not london, but around London. I moving the minute I can!

So what did my 5 day stay look like? Imma show ya, cuz the pictures are endless. I selected my favorites. and then the favorites of the favorites. It was a hard decision. But here we go!


we arrived at 2 o’clock local time at Pancras International (which is next to King’s Cross station) , so we decided to go to Camden, because that was relatively close. And I absolutly loved it. it was so cute and amazing. And I saw lots of shops with like these medieval clothes and beautiful leather bags (which I bought, the bag not the clothes)


And I ate my first Fish ‘n Chips. Which was good, not great, but i liked it.


that was the typical tourist day… Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Parliament, London eye and the Millenium bridge? It was all so big and wonderful, I can’t explain it, It was all exciting.

IMG_2022 IMG_2025 IMG_2027 IMG_2059

The Park around Buckingham is also so beautiful, I want park like that here in Belgium!

After that we when to Tate Modern… I don’t get modern arts really, but I did my best at understanding…. sort of



lost the original photo, sowwy

art 3

you can kinda see the original trough it

art8 art2



Madame Tussaud, it was amazing! some of them were looking so real!!!

I got my oscar, met The Queen and finally got my picture with One Direction!




And in the evening we went to see Les Miserable! it was so beautiful, I cried. And I got to see Carrie Fletcher Live, her voice is so amazing.

IMG_2203 IMG_2215

After that when we got back at King’s Cross there was no line at Platform 9 3/4 sooo



We went to Oxford Street! That road is huge!!! we didn’t do very much of it, we’re not really the shopping types. but we obviously did Primark (a primark haul is on it’s way) and the Disney Store of course!!!

And I drank a lot of coffees while I was there, but this was one of the biggest, and it was a medium!!! My dad got an even bogger one!


And then of course Kensington Gardens, where the amazing statue of Peter Pan stands. I was really excited for that. Too much I thinkIMG_2259IMG_2254

And my first time I ate Nando’s, it was a week full of first times (not in a dirty way)



This was the day I have been waiting for for years! The only thing I HAD to go to when I was in London, the HARRY POTTER STUDIOS. It was the best day of my life seriously. I had to keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks. (because my parents and sister were with me). It was all so magical and amazing and I’m still not over it. It’s from the moment you enter the studios, no even before cuz you can ride in this awesome typical london harry potterized bus. with is so cool.

it was so hard choosing pictures because I have like 1000 of them. But I chose m 3 absolute favorite parts

  1. Diagon Alley

It was zo in detail and amazing just…


2. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy

I have a picture of every milimeter of the castle!

IMG_20150724_123929505 IMG_20150724_123955112 IMG_20150724_123309835 IMG_20150724_123139380

3. The Olivander wand store. on the boxes are all the names of everyone who ever worked on the movies and it blew my mind!
with the actual Olivander there you could ask someone from the movies and he would say where his/her wandbox was. And this is only one corner of the room.


And then you have me in the store trying on the sorting hat, I’m definitely a Ravenclaw. My pants say so.


Drinking a butterbeer, not really my thing


It was such an amazing week and I couldn’t thank my parents enough for doing this, cuz London definitely isn’t cheap!

Hope you liked this and read ya later


changing things up!

hello everybody!

So today is gonna be a really quick post. (This time I mean it, it’s not gonna end up being a massive thing like usual!)

okay first things first! You might have noticed that I changed the URL and the whole lay-out and every possible thing to change about my blog! only the content is staying the same.
The reason? I wanted to change the URL since the day I made my blog. It was the only thing that I could come up with that wasn’t already taken. And the last weeks I have been intensely thinking about a new one so here it is Once Upon a Memorie! Happy ending in progress!  A combination of my love for fairytales and the fact that most of my post are memories! so of course I had to change the banner, so I changed it whole! You like it? I sure do!

Next thing! I don’t know why I had been stressing about children’s day camp! it was one of the best things I’ve ever done! Really amazing, I had so much fun!

And then lastly! I’m leaving tomorrow morning to LONDON! Yes, the time has finally come! I got my outfit ready. my bags are filled and I am so excited. Did I mention already where we arrive? No? Well, It’s in Kings Cross! The closest I will possibly ever be to the Wizarding World. (we do go to the Harry Potter Studios, but Kings Cross s the ACTUAL place *fangirling*)

You will get an update next week 😉 see y’all soon! x


Who Would I Date?

Hello there!

As you may know, I love watching Youtubers, so it might not be a shocker when I tell you that I bought the Pointless Book by Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog. It is not an actual reading book, but an interactive do-book. And there are some deep questions in them. And at the moment the one that really got me thinking was the following…

Who would you invite to your dream dinner party? (death or alive)

Because he include “death or alive” I assume fictional is an option as well (I hope)


The first person to pop into my head was Dylan O’Brien ❤ My celebrity crush since I started watching Teen Wolf. You literally can’t watch that show without falling in love with Stiles Stilinski. I mean who wouldn’t want him to come to your party? Look at his pretty face. Can’t say no that that, can you?



Making a smooth transition to my next guest. Dylan’s co-actress Holland Roden. Roden absolutely is my fashion idol. She looks beautiful, is a great actress, she is funny. I can say she has to be my female celebrity crush, no doubt there! I would become gay for her (that was weird :s) . And I would die to see my Teen Wolf OTP together on my dream party! #Stydia



Now somebody who definitely has to be at my dinner party is no one less than Draco Malfoy. I know he can be kind of a git, but he is actually a nice guy (or i’m getting delusional because of all the Draco Malfoy love story fanfics I can’t stop reading). But he’s still hot so I’m not complaining. I wouldn’t mind getting picked on by him. Because like in every love story, He WILL fall in love with me and be the nice, good guy he really in (deep down).  Look in those puppy eyes and tell me you don’t love him.

Draco Malfoy2


Because I’m very into Youtubers I will definitely invite Zoe Sugg. Exchanging beauty tips (asking her how the hell she keep her hair so gorgeous!!), some make up tricks and talking about Disney. Making plans to go shopping later. I can see it happening 😉



Of Course, my favorite Harry potter character of all times, Luna. Ever since Luna came into the Harry Potter books, I have loved her. I think she is one of the most inspirational persons in the books and movies. She is just herself, not caring what people say or think about her. Having her on my party would just be amazing. And I wonder what she would wear?

luna lovegood2

when I was thinking about this question, I started wondering, if I had to change to choose anyone I want, who would I date?

My first thought was Dylan O’Brien, because he so handsome and funny. But even though I would love to date Dylan (who wouldn’t wanna date him? just look at him), there was somebody who I’d want to date even more…


aka Danisnotonfire, the first youtuber I started watching, so he has a special place in my heart 🙂 He is hilarious and I love watching his videos over and over again (maybe that isn’t normal, but I don’t care :p) and I find him very good looking 😉 So I think if I ever have the chance to date Daniel Howell, I would definitely do it 😀 He is f*cking adorable!!!!! dan howell laughing

But let’s be serious… If he could only have the chance to date ME

dan howell

(I do realize if he ever stumbles upon this post, it would be a little weird and or creepy BUT a step closer to dating :p )

This is getting weird I am ending this post, before it gets worse… Bye!