I’m broke but I had fun

Hello eveybody!

It’s been a while again 😦 March was pretty busy. Lots of classes, projects and stuff. But it was also a very fun month… I had a lot to look forward to and that is what I want to share with you guys!

As I mentioned a couple of times before, I am not a person to go to clubs and parties. The thing I do like very much is going to concerts. Which you might have noticed as well. This month I’ve been to 3, yes 3 concerts and they were AMAZING!

first one up is the performance of Nicolas. Nicolas is a magician who became famous on Belgium’s Got Talent. Later on he got his own tv-show. And this year he did live performances in ‘small town’ theatre. (because magic is more fun up close). He was amazing! Mostly it were basics tricks with a twist which gives it actually a pretty big ‘wow’-effect. The only thing I didn’t like as much was the audience participation. I was scared to dead that he was going to pull my up on stage. 1/3 of the show I felt panic. But still really really great!! (sorry no pics of this one)

A week later came the concert I never knew I needed or even come to Belgium. “Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone IN CONCERT”. I am a massive Harry Potter fan (which I will prove again later this post). I was looking forward to this moment from the minute I bought the tickets. My sister and her friend and my best friend ans me got on the train to Antwerp.

And that was quite a story. A probably drunk man started yelling at us (in Italian we guesses) because we were talking to each other. For a whole hour he did so. When we got of the train he followed us through the station. And because of the terror alarm here, there were army guys. We told them and they immediately when to check on him. Thank you, army guys!!

The concert itself was just unbelievable! our conductor was such a funny guy. He told us to feel free to cheer for our favorite house or favorite character as much as we wanted. The first immense cheer was for Mister Olivander, but the biggest introduction cheer was for non other than Professor Severus Snape. We all cheered when first years were put in our houses, we cheered at the quidditch match. It was so much fun, and because of that it really felt as if you were actually IN the movie! Just MAGICAL!


And then there was the moment I’ve been waiting for almost 3 years! Lindsey Stirling finally returned to belgium with the Brave Enough Tour! I’ve been stalking her social media for so long and this month she came back. And I only cried 3 times. I was accompanied by my ‘equally obsessed with Lindsey Stirling’ – friend. It was so so so perfect, even better than I had imagined. If you don’t know her look her up!

Lindsey Striling is a dancing violist. her music is a mix of dubstep and pop (I think, I don’t know that much about music). But she danced almost all the time along with her back up dancers. Throughout the show she shared stories, personal stories, the meanings of her songs. She is such a strong person and a fighter. it was funny too, the whole band played some song on toy instruments, how cool is that! She is amazing and I don’t think any concert will ever top this one. AND she actually stood 3 meters away from my, I could’ve touched her if I wanted, but she was playing so I couldn’t.
crying moments: when it started – one of the stories she told – the encore song

And then last but definitely not least. Because surprisingly enough within a month I made friends, like actual friend I don’t have to put effort in to like. How come, you ask? They love Harry Potter as much as I do! We all went to FACTS together, cosplaying as HP character (rather poorly, only had a month to prep, because we’ve been friends for only a month). FACTS is the Belgian Comic Con, and it was my first time. I felt like a toddler in a theme park. I was so happy!

If any Belgian people are reading this, and went to Facts on saturday, we were the people handing out compliments to every one :p Such a Hufflepuff thing to do

Well this was a very long post, sorry about that. Anyway hope you liked it. I have a feeling this post isn’t organised at all… oops, I will revise it soon

read y’all later


Crazy Vacation :o

Hello everyone!

So last week and a half we had vacation, which is always more than welcome :p It was a very busy vacation! like crazy busy, but probably the best vacation ever!

Let’s see how it started

So saturday I coloured my hair red, but I mentioned that already :p On sunday I attemped to do my homework, because that’s how we all are in the beginning of the vacation… and eventually just procrastinate everything.

On mondag I had open classes at university (that are lessons at uni of college that are open for high school students to attent, so we get an idea of the teaching style and if we like that course), but I was afraid to go alone so I asked someone with me. (which was a great idea, you’ll see why…)

Tuesday I went to a soccer game with one of my friends. Anderlecht vs Arsenal. Anderlecht won!!!! YEAY!!


Wednesday was another procastinating day, so many thing I postponed… managing social contacts is also very important!!!

Wednesday evening was very interesting. We had another Open class again, but it was quite early so we stayed at my friends place in Ghent. (almost 2hours more sleep). So wednesday evening, trainrides can be really fun with awesome company :p We ordered pizza and of course it was nessecary to show all the embarrasing pictures of my awkward years… *cringing so hard*

Thursday morning, open class, which was so interesting, I think I know what I wanna studie next year 😀 After that we met up with Mah Main Gurl who was also in Ghent for an open class that afternoon. And we ate pizza, again (don’t see me complaining). We didn’t really feel like going home yet, so we decided to go on our 3 date and go to the movies, cuz lucky for us Deadpool just came out! (super amazing giga-awesome movie, if you haven’t seen it, YOU SEE IT!).

When we did get home, I practically went straight to Mah Main Gurl, cuz we had a ‘Holiday Meeting’ sort of planning our vacation with our friends! whooohoooow but I was so tired, (because of the sleep I didn’t have the night before) I fell asleep on her couch! :p

Friday sucked, I was so sick, I kept vomitting… IEUW!!! so yeah obviously I couldn’t do any homework then either….SOOOO postponed….

Saterday was kidscarnaval, which my dad helps organising, 2 friends and I went to help with the entries for the costume competition. It was really fun! Next year again! But again time managing not our greatest talent. So straight from kids carnaval to another friends house, for Awesome Sleepover Party with pizza… yeah again… played some drinking games and got a valentine’s day text. Yes I had a Valentine for the first time in my life :p


Then 14th of Februari…THE DAY, it was K3 concert (Its for kids, but its my childhood and my last chance to see them before they quit, I going to 2 more concerts of them tho :p) It was awesome, I was already so happy, didn’t think the night could become even better…. BUT… after that I went to carnaval, which was amazing cuz, yeah it was valentine’s day, I had a valentine and after a bit… I had a boyfriend, yes for the first time in my life (sorta…) So yeah the night did get better ❤

No pics of carnaval..sorry…I had a zebra onesie on…nothing special like last year :p

Monday and tuesday, normally back to school, but in our city it was carnaval so our city is just shut down for 3 days… so yeah carnaval… drank a little too much in the beginning. PRO TIP:  never drink if you haven’t eaten before… not a good idea… believe me
My carnaval this year was mostly being with my boyfriend :p

Tuesday noon, luckily no hang-over, cuz yes I had  yet to do ALL my homework… that was the moment I realised I had been stupid, and postponing was the worst thing to do… cuz no one is in a decent state after carnaval… well yeah… beter luck next year? Although I think nothing can top this one :p

this turned out so much longer than intended…told you it was a crazy week!! see you in 2 weeks!




Can’t find a Title… :s

Hi everyone!

I think I’m back on schedule, but I’m not quite sure… But anyways, it’s vacation now and as usual we have more homework and assignments to do than time. School does not understand the definition of ‘vacation’. Plus they expect us to go to Try Out classes in universities and colleges as well. Which I’m doing tomorrow, kinda exciting and scary, cuz I’m gonna get lost! Okay maybe not, I bringing a back up with me, so I won’t be alone!

What else did I do? I bought 5 notebooks, which I probably won’t use, just like al the others I buy. I have an addiction to buying notebooks… Stationary gives me the illusion of productivity… even though my level of procrastination doesnt’t go up at all. But it’s the thought that coun’t, right?


And this aren’t even all of them… I have a problem…

I also coloured my hair red, and I really really like it! I think I want to colour it permanent :p It turned out better than expected. I only need a brunette and a blonde and I can make my own K3.

It’s also almost Carnaval!!! That’s exciting! It is on the same day as Valentine’s day, so perfect way to skip it and not being reminded that you’re still single. Just like all the years before…. Also going to a concert on that day, so even more reason to be happy, instead of loney :p

Only one problem, like usual I started to late preparing my costume…so I have nothing… It’s next week already and nothing delivers in time. so no stitch, no pikachu, no mermaid,…I’m stuck 😦

Not very much to tell actually, since I spend much time in the hospital the last few weeks. So I missed some things like at school we had the ‘comlpiment box’ this friday. You could write a compliment for someone, put in the box and then someone delivered them to the right person, this was for the anti-bullying week I think.
It reminded me of the valanetine’s box we used to have at school :p

But that was it for this week, see y’all later!!!



Midweek Night Out

Hi again!

It’s been 2 months since school started again and one thing that kept me going the last couple of weeks are the Midweek Nights Out. You really miss them when they’re gone.

The second week of the schoolyear, one of my friends was home alone on a thursday and asked me to stay over. Surpricingly my mom let me go. (my mom isn’t a fan of doing such things in the middle of the week, because of homework) So after school I went home with her and we had a amazing girls night. face masks, painting our nails, and homemade pizza! And going to bed at a ‘reasonable” time :p

The week after my sister when to a concert in Anwerp (which is pretty far from home) So my mom suggested to go to a movie. So we, my mom, my friend and I, went to the avant premiere of The Intern. The movie was awesome, so funny, you should watch it.

Week 3 was something very different! My dad got tickets to go the the a soccer game of the Youth of Anderlecht. You should know that I despise soccer, the players earn way too much for what they do. I do not understand why my dad watches it almost everyday. But going to a live game is very different. Even though I didn’t understand a thing of it all the excitement of the people makes you excited as well. I am going again! (yet still do not watch matches on tv, doesn’t has the same drive)

And then, one week later, it was finally the moment I had been waiting for for 2 months, FALL OUT BOY!! It was amazing, even though I didn’t know the lyrics, because I have the memory of a goldfish, I did have so much fun!!!

But that was the last Midweek night out. Last week I didn’t have one and next weeks neither. Going out on a wednesday or a thursday is really fun, it breaks your week, you have something to look forward to that is closer than the weekend.

But that was it for this week, see you again in 2 weeks !!!!


Early Birthday Haul


Being well prepare this week! YAY! At the end of the summer my friends and I celebrated our 18th birthday ‘Novemberfest in August’ (our birthdays are in November, but hey why not in august :p) I got some great gifts from my friends and I would like to share it 😉


Freeman clay and peel masks in all scents they sold, a Yankee Candle ‘Picknic in the park’, nail polish and a super soft and fluffy pick blacket, all things I love!


All pretty light blue theme bath stuff! Soap, fizz bar, hand gel, facemask, jewelry hang thing (?)  all in a super cute bag :p


This one is amazing, it are horrible drawing made by me and 2 friends, getting very sentimental here, it was the first day we met. how cute!


if you ever don’t know what to get someone for their birthday, buy them fish. I can’t imagine somebody being disappointed about getting fish. I renamed them a few times, I don’t seem to find a proper name for a fish, maybe Dean and Dave or Georgette and Orélie or keep it with Emma and Killian. Dilemma Dilemma!

Also got a bag full of oreos! a max 2month supply of food at school.

Last buy definitely not least!


I have awesome friends, it’s a fact 😉

hope you liked it, see you next week!



Hello everybody!

Maybe you already know what this weeks post is about, or maybe you don’t. Either way, I am going to be extremely excited about it, so you’ve been warned. Last sunday I went to see freaking PENTATONIX LIVE!!! If you don’t know them, stop reading, look them up, come back and fangirl along with me! 

I had been super excited when I found out they were coming to Belgium, which is about a month. Me, being the annoyingly excited person I am, tried to find a person to go with me to the concert (cuz mommy doesn’t let me go alone). After a whole week of obsessively searching I still hadn’t found anyone who was willing to go. But then in a 1AM conversation with about I don’t even know what. I found my person! *yay* I was too excited I couldn’t sleep anymore, and then he just decided to go to sleep, leaving me wide awake (didn’t really like that 😦 ). And because of our super enthusiastic rants about PTX, we found person 3 and 4!

And then finally after a month of intensive Pentatonix music, I don’t know why, but accapella music absolutely my shizzle, it’s an art really. I mean come on, it’s magic.

But yeah, the concert was literally the magical! They silenced the whole room 3(!) times. It’s was just beautiful. And OMG Mitch’ ‘ball squeezing’-voice is just “WHOA!”, I was not ready for that AT ALL! I was almost crying, I need him to be my GBF! I want to repeat that night, every day!

But describing how good it was ain’t working, there are no words to describe the awesomeness level of that night! But here are some pics! (Taken by two of my friends, because I don’t have a fancy Iphone with a decent camera :p )

This first one is my absolute FAVORITE picture of them all! I mean it screams perfection!! Obviously it is now the background on my phone and laptop (DUH!)










Mitch ❤


That’s Christmas to me, without mics ❤


Result of That’s Christmas to me, without mics


Grouppic!!! (look at all the people in the back also taking selfies :p ) Im the third one from the left 😉

Well this is it, I told you this was gonna be a fangirl post! but all by all it wasn’t to extreme, it could’ve gotten creepy obsessive, but that didn’t happen (I think). If you ever get the chance to go to a PTX concert, do it! You won’t regret it!

Oh almost forgot, of course I bought a souvenir…



Concerts and Shopping!!

Hey there!

And now again, too late, I know. more than a week!! AAAH! Why can’t I do this properly. But Life goes on, even if you suck at it. So lets forget it and write some more!

Except for school my last 2 weeks were rather empty and not interesting at all. But luckily for me we have Fall Break (don’t know if that’s an official term in english, probably not, but that’s how it’s called). And vacation means, in that little bit of free time you have between doing homework, you can go do some actual fun stuff. 

And the best thing to start a vacations is a concert! Yep, that always sets off the vacation very well. Last Saturday, I went to a OneRepublic concert! WHOOP WHOOP! My mom, my sister and I all together, making the family bound even stronger :p
Like always I wasn’t really pleasant company in the car, as I was sleeping the moment we drove of the ramp. Moving vehicles make me really tired, I don’t know why, is that normal?
When we arrived… PIZZA… it’s tradition. Never break tradition, especially when it involves food.

When we finally made it inside, we still had more than enough time left. And we realised “Why do we always come so early?”. Thank God for smartphones, though, they make waiting so much easier!
8 o’clock exact the support act started KONGOS! Objectively good band, music was good. It was a little weird that one of the guitarist had no shoes on :/ My mom absolutely loved them, the first thing she did the next morning was youtube them (she even posted a facebook status about them! My mom… on facebook :o). I like them, but it’s just not my genre of music. Not a major fan!

But then ONE REPUBLIC!! Months of asking and pleading to go, my amazing mom go us tickets (mostly because she wanted to go herself, but who cares :p). They were amazing, I’m so in love with their songs. they’re so amazing live. Ryan Tedder is so active on stage. Always jumping and turning around. involving the crowd. Everything was so good. they did do a lot of covers, which I wasn’t really excited about. Don’t get me wrong, they nailed them as well, but it would’ve been even better with more of their own songs. But hey, they could even sing a Hannah Montana song and make it sound incredible!

I didn’t take much pictures, I was enjoying the performance 😀







And then another activity to enjoy the vacation is SHOPPING! Everybody knows how that goes, so not much to explain here. My friend and I went to Antwerp today! yaay.


And this is what I bought!


Ochre sweater from Forever 21
Black sweater with tine hearts from H&M
Mango hand creme from The Body Shop
If I stay ~ Gayle forman from Standaard Boekhandel (bookstore)
Tomorrow makes me curious notebook from HEMA

Not all stores are international, but you probably can find it in others stores as well 😀

Oh yeah, one more thing! If anyone has some ideas for the lay out of my blog, tell me, because I’m not quite happy about this one and I don’t know what to do ;( HELP ME PLEASE 😮

I hope you like it, if there are any question about something, feel free to ask! 🙂