Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Hello everybody!!

This time I’m writing a book review, something I haven’t done in a REAAAAALY long time. I think this is the first book I’ve read in over a year that wasn’t an assignment and yes I am ashamed of it, because I absolutely LOVE reading. But before I start I want to thank everybody for the sweet comments and like on my previous post ‘Unnoticeable’. It means the world to me! 

Now lets started!


Like I said, Caraval is the first book I’ve read in a really long time and I was absolutely delighted! It was so amazing it just peaked my love for reading agian! So thank you Stephanie! It’s a book full of magic, mystery and love and I adored it!

A little introduction to the book!

Scarlett and het sister Donatelle are the daughters of a very severe and dominant father. They are trapped on the island he reigns. Scarletts father arranged a marriage for her to a count from another isle. Not for her benefit but for his.

Scarlett has been dreaming of going to Caraval since she was only a little girl and every year she would write to Legend, the man behind the magic, asking if Caraval would ever come to their Island. But she never got a respons. Until one fortunate day! she recieved 3 tickets to go to Legend’s infamous Isle were reality fades away in illusion of magic. Telle immediately grabs the chance to  leave and figures out a way to get her sister to come along. But once they arrived Tella has vanished! Legend decided that Scarlett’s sister was this years mystery to solve. Not only for Scarlett but for ALL participants the search for Donatella is the main concern, but not for the same reason as Scarlett. But remember it’s only a game!

It was such a beautiful book , you get sucked in the story from the first sentence ’till the last. I read it in one go, I just couldn’t put it down. I could just feel the magic, I had to remind myself that it was only a game IN a book! But in a way you need to feel the magic to solve the mystery . that’s right, YOU along with scarlett discover what this mysterious Caraval has to offer. And when you think you’ve got it all figured out, magic happens and the carousel turns around.

I really really loved, and hope there might come a sequel or maybe a prequel! The Love, the Magic, the game and the mystery it is amazing! All I could think was ‘Come Back Yesterday‘ so I could reread it all over again!

I hope you liked this little review and read you all soon!


Crazy Vacation :o

Hello everyone!

So last week and a half we had vacation, which is always more than welcome :p It was a very busy vacation! like crazy busy, but probably the best vacation ever!

Let’s see how it started

So saturday I coloured my hair red, but I mentioned that already :p On sunday I attemped to do my homework, because that’s how we all are in the beginning of the vacation… and eventually just procrastinate everything.

On mondag I had open classes at university (that are lessons at uni of college that are open for high school students to attent, so we get an idea of the teaching style and if we like that course), but I was afraid to go alone so I asked someone with me. (which was a great idea, you’ll see why…)

Tuesday I went to a soccer game with one of my friends. Anderlecht vs Arsenal. Anderlecht won!!!! YEAY!!


Wednesday was another procastinating day, so many thing I postponed… managing social contacts is also very important!!!

Wednesday evening was very interesting. We had another Open class again, but it was quite early so we stayed at my friends place in Ghent. (almost 2hours more sleep). So wednesday evening, trainrides can be really fun with awesome company :p We ordered pizza and of course it was nessecary to show all the embarrasing pictures of my awkward years… *cringing so hard*

Thursday morning, open class, which was so interesting, I think I know what I wanna studie next year 😀 After that we met up with Mah Main Gurl who was also in Ghent for an open class that afternoon. And we ate pizza, again (don’t see me complaining). We didn’t really feel like going home yet, so we decided to go on our 3 date and go to the movies, cuz lucky for us Deadpool just came out! (super amazing giga-awesome movie, if you haven’t seen it, YOU SEE IT!).

When we did get home, I practically went straight to Mah Main Gurl, cuz we had a ‘Holiday Meeting’ sort of planning our vacation with our friends! whooohoooow but I was so tired, (because of the sleep I didn’t have the night before) I fell asleep on her couch! :p

Friday sucked, I was so sick, I kept vomitting… IEUW!!! so yeah obviously I couldn’t do any homework then either….SOOOO postponed….

Saterday was kidscarnaval, which my dad helps organising, 2 friends and I went to help with the entries for the costume competition. It was really fun! Next year again! But again time managing not our greatest talent. So straight from kids carnaval to another friends house, for Awesome Sleepover Party with pizza… yeah again… played some drinking games and got a valentine’s day text. Yes I had a Valentine for the first time in my life :p


Then 14th of Februari…THE DAY, it was K3 concert (Its for kids, but its my childhood and my last chance to see them before they quit, I going to 2 more concerts of them tho :p) It was awesome, I was already so happy, didn’t think the night could become even better…. BUT… after that I went to carnaval, which was amazing cuz, yeah it was valentine’s day, I had a valentine and after a bit… I had a boyfriend, yes for the first time in my life (sorta…) So yeah the night did get better ❤

No pics of carnaval..sorry…I had a zebra onesie on…nothing special like last year :p

Monday and tuesday, normally back to school, but in our city it was carnaval so our city is just shut down for 3 days… so yeah carnaval… drank a little too much in the beginning. PRO TIP:  never drink if you haven’t eaten before… not a good idea… believe me
My carnaval this year was mostly being with my boyfriend :p

Tuesday noon, luckily no hang-over, cuz yes I had  yet to do ALL my homework… that was the moment I realised I had been stupid, and postponing was the worst thing to do… cuz no one is in a decent state after carnaval… well yeah… beter luck next year? Although I think nothing can top this one :p

this turned out so much longer than intended…told you it was a crazy week!! see you in 2 weeks!




Can’t find a Title… :s

Hi everyone!

I think I’m back on schedule, but I’m not quite sure… But anyways, it’s vacation now and as usual we have more homework and assignments to do than time. School does not understand the definition of ‘vacation’. Plus they expect us to go to Try Out classes in universities and colleges as well. Which I’m doing tomorrow, kinda exciting and scary, cuz I’m gonna get lost! Okay maybe not, I bringing a back up with me, so I won’t be alone!

What else did I do? I bought 5 notebooks, which I probably won’t use, just like al the others I buy. I have an addiction to buying notebooks… Stationary gives me the illusion of productivity… even though my level of procrastination doesnt’t go up at all. But it’s the thought that coun’t, right?


And this aren’t even all of them… I have a problem…

I also coloured my hair red, and I really really like it! I think I want to colour it permanent :p It turned out better than expected. I only need a brunette and a blonde and I can make my own K3.

It’s also almost Carnaval!!! That’s exciting! It is on the same day as Valentine’s day, so perfect way to skip it and not being reminded that you’re still single. Just like all the years before…. Also going to a concert on that day, so even more reason to be happy, instead of loney :p

Only one problem, like usual I started to late preparing my costume…so I have nothing… It’s next week already and nothing delivers in time. so no stitch, no pikachu, no mermaid,…I’m stuck 😦

Not very much to tell actually, since I spend much time in the hospital the last few weeks. So I missed some things like at school we had the ‘comlpiment box’ this friday. You could write a compliment for someone, put in the box and then someone delivered them to the right person, this was for the anti-bullying week I think.
It reminded me of the valanetine’s box we used to have at school :p

But that was it for this week, see y’all later!!!



Sea, carnaval and art…

Hello everybody!!

It’s been 2 weeks, yeah I’m late (again). Procrastinating won from productivity (again). Last sunday I thought, well nothing really happened this week, I’ll make a post on tuesday about carnaval. But I was just exhausted and lazy, so I laid on the couch all day. Then I though, well I have excursion on thursday I can write it after that. Didn’t do it. I realised it was to late to write one this week, I accepted the fact that I will have to write a post while I’m studying history (which resulted in making the post and postponing the history, because priorities :p)

So like I said, the week before last wasn’t really inspiring or something. We had holidays, so I went on vacation to the sea with my mom and my sister. I was kinda boring, nothing much to do. We had an apartment in the shopping street, but walking through that everyday isn’t fun either. We did lots of walking and ate lots of pancakes and hot chocolate. And the longer we were there, the more I wanted a dog! You see all these people taking walk with their super cute dogs, I got a little jealous. I really miss having a pet, it’s been almost 2 year we don’t have animals, and I am trying to convince my parents to get one. (currently I want or a pug, a cat or a chipmunk, they are tots adorbs)

after a week of vacation, we had another 2 days off, because of carnaval. If you don’t know what it is, it’s not like the carnaval in Brazil, that’s more a dance parade. Carnaval here is were you dress up and the whole town comes together. When you’re in a carnaval group, you walk in the march with a float. And the best one wins!
The second biggest carnaval in the world is Alost, but my city is coming pretty close to that. It are 3 days, the first is the march, the second is the big open-air party in the streets and the last one is just for the hardcore fans with pulled an all-nighter and use the afternoon to sober up.
usually I don’t like carnaval, I absolutely hated it until this year. They convinced me to come because they were gonna do something really cool. (Here’s a pic :D)

carnaval idea

the inspiration

carnaval 2015

me as a mexican skeleton

The excursion from thursday I mentioned wasn’t the greatest. We went to the Magritte Museum, It’s a french painter from Belgium, it’s not really my genre. But the worst part was, the tour was in french (FYI I suck at french), I didn’t understand anything. Fun fun fun!! 😀
In the afternoon, we went on a poverty walk in Bruxelles. It was quite interesting, all the social restaurants and charities. we heard stories about people who got homeless. It was choking actually.


this you probably all know. it’s been used in TFIOS and also in a lot of things in the Je Suis Charlie protest. Well this creation, is one from Magritte 😉

This was it for this week, hoped you like it. if so, please like or subscribe 😀