Did you ever had to open yourself up, completely uncover yourself? Did you ever have to unveil your being and thinking? Did you ever have to expose and uncover everything in front of a group. If you have you will understand that this sucks…

Today I had to do a presentation about myself. Not an elementary school presentation like ‘hi, my name is …, and my hobbies are…. I like this because ….’ You did have to do the presentation based on things you like. But it was more about ‘what are your qualities and what are your ‘faults”. This could have gone fairly easy, I could’ve just told the ‘story of my life’, but that wasn’t the purpose. You really had to reveal yourself, for an exam with a creative task to accompany it.

Like I said, this can be an easy assignment, but it’s a lot harder when your insecure and in a rather bad period in your life AND have to tell that to a class who are practically strangers to me. I builded my presentation in a way that the parts where I was most likely to break and cry were more to the end, so that I didn’t cry the whole time. That plan didn’t work out.

when it comes to expressing feelings I am way better at it writing about it than talking. I am more rational when it comes to writing, maybe that’s why I have less trouble sharing this all to random strangers on the internet. I wrote my text weeks ago, but somehow saying it out loud made it real, not just some thought in my head. I never realised how much of an affects some of these thoughts had untill I spoke them, for real, to a group.

Things I thought were just a strive where actually thoughts that are preventing me of doing so. I always thought that my strive to become smarter and more creative were helping me, but today I realised this is the same thought that make me feel I’m not good enough. I never realised how much this played inside my head, untill I started crying in class.

somehow the ‘support’ and compliments of my classmates (who are strangers to me) were strangely uplifting, even though they only heard part of the story. This show again that simple compliments can really make your day suck a little less.

so here is my simple compliment to you all if you having a rough day…

You are important, you do matter and you are as fabulous as a baby panda riding a rainbow coloured turtle!


Can’t find a Title… :s

Hi everyone!

I think I’m back on schedule, but I’m not quite sure… But anyways, it’s vacation now and as usual we have more homework and assignments to do than time. School does not understand the definition of ‘vacation’. Plus they expect us to go to Try Out classes in universities and colleges as well. Which I’m doing tomorrow, kinda exciting and scary, cuz I’m gonna get lost! Okay maybe not, I bringing a back up with me, so I won’t be alone!

What else did I do? I bought 5 notebooks, which I probably won’t use, just like al the others I buy. I have an addiction to buying notebooks… Stationary gives me the illusion of productivity… even though my level of procrastination doesnt’t go up at all. But it’s the thought that coun’t, right?


And this aren’t even all of them… I have a problem…

I also coloured my hair red, and I really really like it! I think I want to colour it permanent :p It turned out better than expected. I only need a brunette and a blonde and I can make my own K3.

It’s also almost Carnaval!!! That’s exciting! It is on the same day as Valentine’s day, so perfect way to skip it and not being reminded that you’re still single. Just like all the years before…. Also going to a concert on that day, so even more reason to be happy, instead of loney :p

Only one problem, like usual I started to late preparing my costume…so I have nothing… It’s next week already and nothing delivers in time. so no stitch, no pikachu, no mermaid,…I’m stuck 😦

Not very much to tell actually, since I spend much time in the hospital the last few weeks. So I missed some things like at school we had the ‘comlpiment box’ this friday. You could write a compliment for someone, put in the box and then someone delivered them to the right person, this was for the anti-bullying week I think.
It reminded me of the valanetine’s box we used to have at school :p

But that was it for this week, see y’all later!!!