Dear Reader,


Dear Reader,

You are never going to believe what I did this week! surprise, surprise… I’ve read a book. Since my social life is non-existent with my school schedule and all the after school preps for the day after, my little free time goes to reading these day (as you may noticed since this is the third book review in a row, if it’s boring just let me know and I’ll stop). I read in every sort of spare time I have. 10 min before class? Read. waiting in the elevator? Read. Breakfast? Read. I hide in the ‘tower’ at school so I can have some quiet time to read. I HAVE NO LIFE ANYMORE! But hey, reading is the best thing ever!

why am I writing in email form, you ask? well, that is because it is the way my latest book and today’s subject is written. This week I’ve read the book “Love, Rosie” by Cecelia Ahern. The movie adaptation has been one of my favorite movies for years! and since lately my book genre preference is noticeably changing I gave the book a go, and I absolutely LOVED it.

The whole book is writing in letter/email/postcard/chat/call form, which is a bit weird in the beginning (especially when you saw the movie), because you only know what’s been told in the letter nothing more and nothing less. But once you are adjusted to the writing style you are so absorbed in the story that you just want to keep reading and reading! The story is in big lines the same in the movie, some other chronology. But it is far more ‘real’, as far as I can relate, you know I’m not a mother at the age of 19. But it is way more realistic than the movie (logical of course). (It also a great book if you, like me, read for 5 minutes a time, because after every letter you can stop without having the problem of stopping in the middle of a paragraph)

Rosie’s life, the ups and down get revealed through the letters, which makes it more personal, in my opinion. Everybody’s life gets into the story. Not just Alex’s and Rosie’s. I think reading the book made me appreciate the movie more. The movie is of course awfully americanized, it really romanticized the ‘being a  teen mom without a diploma’ a lot. The actual story doesn’t completely revolves around the love life of Alex and Rosie. There is so much more to it. Meeting people, making friends when you have a kid while having no job nor education. The story covers the ‘whole’ life of Rosie, also with some time jumps.

I think it is an inspirational, yet funny story about a woman trying to achieve her dreams, no matter how life turns her world upside down. Always wanting the best for everybody around her, without trying to forget her own happiness. Nobody’s life is a fairy tale, everybody has obstacles. But that doesn’t mean you are defeated even though it might feel that way. Just push through and never forget your dream, even if life gets in the way. And yes, I did cry on multiple occasions.

B ❤


Some Nerve and a little bit Charisma II

Hi bookwurms!

Here we are again with the next book review in line. Last time I wrote about Nerve by Jeanne Ryan. She has another book which is on the program today!

This story is also about a shy girl, Aislyn. Her shyness is actually so bad, she feels like she’s missing out on life too much. Her little brother has an illness which get threatened with gene therapy.

On one eventful day her brothers doctor takes her to her office and ask if she wanted an out of her shy self. She would become charming, popular, make her shine and yes, become charismatic. After a couple of weeks she started to notice other people having similar experiences as her. But the gene therapy they got was not as safe as they were promised.

Again I found this story very fun to read. Also not TOO much going on, you knew exactly what was happening when and why… yet there was some tension en suspense in it. It has a mystery component to it, but not in a murder mystery kind of way. It’s more an YA kind of way. They’re not going to look for murderers by themselves.

I prefered this book over Nerve, maybe because the story wasn’t that ‘far-fetched’, I know gene-therapy isn’t the nr. 1 topic,  but if that sort of therapy was available, it might just happen to you.

I think that’s why I like her books. I’ve outgrown the ‘every chapter needs something spectacular or it will get boring’- stage, like I think is quite a lot of YA fantasy books (in my own very personal opinion of course). These books were casual, no over the top unneccessary scenes. It is simple and beautiful.

I can’t really pin-point a reason why I like it so much. Maybe because I’m rather shy myself and could see myself getting extrovert, liked and popular. Who doesn’t want to be liked by others?

This short review was it for this time, more books coming soon! Hope you like them 😀

read y’all later


Some Nerve and a little bit Charisma

Hi booklover!

This one is for you guys!! Since I made the switch from paper to digital I have more opportunities to read, which is very awesome! I’ve set myself a reasonable Reading Challenge on Goodreads in Januari and I’m back on track!

You may or may not have guessed which books I’m going to review today. But two of my recent readings were Nerve and Charisma by Jeanne Ryan. You may know Nerve from the movie adaptation with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco. Well, there was indeed a novel first!


To survive this game, choosing DARE is your only option…

Let me start by saying that if you’ve watched the movie and (like me) do not like book after movie, but feel stupid because you didn’t know there was a book, GOOD NEWS. The book is NOTHING like the movie. honestly I don’t think the producers even read it.

The story is about a girl, Vee, who is a shy ‘behind – the – scenes’ kind of girl. And like any teenage gal she has a best friend and of course a hubba hubba crush. While they are performing there schoolplay, there are prelimination for this super exciting and mega popular game called NERVE.

Things get a little out of hand at the schoolplay, and in a rage Vee sign up for her first DARE. She get selected and chosen for the live rounds where she can win amazing prizes. And to top that all, she gets partnered with Ian…

But how far will you go to get what you want?

Althought it is COMPLETELY different than the movie (which is one of my faves) I really liked it! It was exciting to read without needing constant action prompts. There is like this ‘suggestion’ build up to every dare. You read the reaction of the characters and your mind immediatly goes to ‘what will they have to do now?’ ‘How will they do it?’.

It has this psychological part in it, which makes you think what you would do if you were Vee. It also has enough action and detail. Unlike the movie there is a lot of background in this story, which really puts the story in a different perspective. The fact that you discover new pieces of those background ’till the very last chapter makes the character more interesting.

Also I really like Jeanne Ryans writing style, it’s easy to read, yet diverse. I can’t really discribe it, I’m not an expert. You could just keep reading, no complicated sentences or chapters that take a century to get through.

I just really really liked it!

This was part one of the Jeanne Ryan reviews, next time I will review Charmisa.

Hope you like it! I’m not a pro in writing review, just sharing some of my books :p

read y’all later



I left Papertown

Hello everybody!!

As I already said in one of my last post, I didn’t get to reading quite as much as I would’ve like these past years. So about a month ago I did something I told myself to never get into…. I bought an e-reader… *DUMDUMDUUUUM*

Why did I buy an e-reader? well for the simple reason that I am a student, I don’t have money to spare and sadly book are expensive 😥 and e-books are generally cheaper or even free. And with the whole ‘living on my own’-thing I spend quite some evenings alone in my little studio, not seeing my friends as much, I just crave books.So with that reasoning in mind I just went straight in and bought one.

Well… I didn’t just buy the first one I googled of course! I researched for a couple of weeks, intensively. Because even though my dad knows his shizzle about technology… yet he always tells me I have to research everything. Fun right? trying to figure out what an CPU is and if 1 GHz Freescale i.MX507 is good or not? Having a blast googling processors and resolution comparisons!

Anyhow, I already had 2 brands which I knew were ‘the best’ when it comes to e-readers. The all around famous Kindle from Amazon and Kobo. There are other brands but all the tech sites had these, so let’s go trust the internet. After comparing all the e-reader, in my budget of course, I chose the Kobo Aura second edition (my second in line was the Kindle paperwhite). This one isn’t the best best of the best, but a really good one for the prize. There was an Kindle alternative, but I’ve read Kindle doesn’t open epub-formate books, which I already have.

But why do I write this post?
Just to let you know that e-readers aren’t really that bad. I’ve come to love mine. he doesn’t have backlight or color, so no hard time on your eyes. It has stats, for example it tracks your progress, you’re ‘hours read’, ‘books finished’, it even gives you awards Looks like ‘real’ paper print. I do really like that you can change the font, the size, the line spacing and the margins And I LOVE how in most of the books I have on my Kobo have the font ‘open dyslexic’. My nurse told me last time that she hated it that she never got to read books because she has severe dyslexia and she has to concentrate so hard on reading the words right, that she doesn’t know what she is reading. So I set one of my books in that font, made it bigger and add more line spacing and she liked it!

okay, the anecdote was maybe a bit boring, but dyslexia is a part of my education, so I found that really cool. And I may be going a bit overboard with the love of my Kobo. But it comes in really handy in boring lectures, cuz no teacher sees it. And it’s small (6 inches) so you can take it anywhere (and I do), the battery goes one for weeks.

I’m gonna stop, cuz this is probably not interesting to read. But I’m over excited while writing it.


I still have my old beautiful actually printed book and I even go old school and handwrite my blog post

Read y’all later



Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Hello everybody!!

This time I’m writing a book review, something I haven’t done in a REAAAAALY long time. I think this is the first book I’ve read in over a year that wasn’t an assignment and yes I am ashamed of it, because I absolutely LOVE reading. But before I start I want to thank everybody for the sweet comments and like on my previous post ‘Unnoticeable’. It means the world to me! 

Now lets started!


Like I said, Caraval is the first book I’ve read in a really long time and I was absolutely delighted! It was so amazing it just peaked my love for reading agian! So thank you Stephanie! It’s a book full of magic, mystery and love and I adored it!

A little introduction to the book!

Scarlett and het sister Donatelle are the daughters of a very severe and dominant father. They are trapped on the island he reigns. Scarletts father arranged a marriage for her to a count from another isle. Not for her benefit but for his.

Scarlett has been dreaming of going to Caraval since she was only a little girl and every year she would write to Legend, the man behind the magic, asking if Caraval would ever come to their Island. But she never got a respons. Until one fortunate day! she recieved 3 tickets to go to Legend’s infamous Isle were reality fades away in illusion of magic. Telle immediately grabs the chance to  leave and figures out a way to get her sister to come along. But once they arrived Tella has vanished! Legend decided that Scarlett’s sister was this years mystery to solve. Not only for Scarlett but for ALL participants the search for Donatella is the main concern, but not for the same reason as Scarlett. But remember it’s only a game!

It was such a beautiful book , you get sucked in the story from the first sentence ’till the last. I read it in one go, I just couldn’t put it down. I could just feel the magic, I had to remind myself that it was only a game IN a book! But in a way you need to feel the magic to solve the mystery . that’s right, YOU along with scarlett discover what this mysterious Caraval has to offer. And when you think you’ve got it all figured out, magic happens and the carousel turns around.

I really really loved, and hope there might come a sequel or maybe a prequel! The Love, the Magic, the game and the mystery it is amazing! All I could think was ‘Come Back Yesterday‘ so I could reread it all over again!

I hope you liked this little review and read you all soon!


Need Coffee to Adult

Hello everybody!

I don’t really know where this post is going today, but i felt like writing. So here I am writing whatever will come up to me!

With all this college stuff being I don’t really have a hobby anymore. I haven’t had a hobby for a couple years. But now it’s noticable I don’t have any. Last year I got together with friends alot. But now I’m just learning, sitting and staring at a wall until I find something to do. With that in mind I want to start wrinting again! It’s been ages since I written something besides my blog (which I love doing, but it’s not as regular as I would like). I want to continue writing my story on Wattpad ‘The Forgotten Tales‘ (very shameless self-promoting I’m sorry, but maybe views will encourage me to write?)

Something else happened that was very exciting! GILMORE GIRLS IS BACK Y’ALL! I’ve been waiting for this since I know there was going to be a sequel. I just wanted to cry all 4 episodes long. I love how it starts in Winter, “I smell snow”. And it was so beautiful and all the memories. I remember watching it with my mom when I was little, not understanding a word of it. Because english isn’t my native language and I couldn’t read then. But I remember watching it everytime it was on tv. It’s a little bit like Friends, it’s ALWAYS somewhere airing. And 2 or 3 years ago I wanted to see the show in chronological order for once so I did. And I fell in love.

It did made me realise why I love the gazebo in the park near my dorm so much. Somehow it must have reminded me of the gazebo in the show. It was my favorite place in the whole show. It’s not as pretty as in Gilmore Girls, but I love it :p

Futhermore (fancy words) I don’t have anything, except the fact that I just wacht 1 movie 6 times a day. It works motivating, and time seens to go faster. It’s like playing music while studying, I put on Nerve on repeat for the whole day. Like a toddler, I still enjoy the movie.

I do have the mind of a toddler though. I like very childish things. Socks with cute prints. kids shows and movies, even kids music. It’s just all so happy, teen music or adult music ain’t even close to happy. I prefer happy 😀 The only thing I do like an adult is drink coffee! And like an Honorary Gilmore Girl would say “Do you like coffee? Only with my oxygen!”

So that was it, a totally inprovised post, about nothing exciting really; I don’t know if it’s pathetic the most memorable thing of the last week is the premier of Gilmore Girls. Well, better luck next time!

Read you soon-ish


Little Update :p

Hello everybody!

It’s been like almost a month since my last post, and i’m really sorry. I don’t have a actual reason or excuse for not updating. I was just being lazy and inspirationless. I do have some half-written blog posts ready, but I don’t feel like finishing them. So I’ll just do a little update of the past month.

The main activity that consumed most of my time after spring break was Once Upon A Time. That was the only thing that I liked doing. After spring break everybody is just sick of school, doesn’t really put much effort in it anymore. And that was (is) my way of procrastinating my homework til 2am and ignoring all the thing I should be doing right now. And I can assure you a “Sleep Is For The Weak”-marathon (that’s how we call it) til 3am isn’t a good idea when you have to get up for school at 6am.. nonetheless repeated it again the following night.

Another thing that happened, which actually is a valid excuse for not updating, my laptop broke. Which might not have been a big deal, but I was so scared to tell my dad that I just hid it for a week. So no posts without a computer. When I did finally tell him, he wasn’t’ mad, it was more a ‘I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later, my daughter is a clumsy moron’ kinda look. He helped me instal this prehistoric thing and we’re moving on.


I’m pretty used to it by now, I have to save up for a new one if my dad can’t fix it himself. There is only one mayor disadvantage… I cannot watch my shows in my bed anymore. So I have to sit in my chair to do my marathons, and my bum hurts so much! I once tried to make myself comfortable… didn’t work, this is how it ended up. grabbed all my pillows and blankets and it’s even less comfortable than it looks 😦


What else did I do? I got my Connor Franta Book!!!! YAY!!!


Partly read a book about hipster for a short thesis for school. It was about Hippies vs Hipsters, but the weird part was in our library there was a book about hipsters, but for some reason there were none about hippies…


And to finish this of, last weekend I went camping in France with one of my friends and her parents. We stayed in this beautiful town, with the most adorable houses and it was awesome. I wish I could insert some gorgeous pics, but I don’t have them yet 😦 but to give you an idea I do have some pics on my phone 😉


Made a friend on our first day!


this was the style of most houses in that town!!

And that’s it! That’s what I’ve done in the weeks I didn’t post anything. I hope you liked it, if you did please like 🙂 See y’all soon!


Party, Books and Party

Hello there!

I know I’m late again, but this time I have a good reason to be. It was my birthday and I wanted it to be in my post! I turned 17 yesterday! Almost an adult! But besides my birthday, there are some other stuff I want to mention as well!

Let’s begin with friday night, because nothing interesting happens at school, so let’s skip that! So friday night there was a party and because I’m being more sociable this year,  I went along with my friends. Because I doubled my year, I’ve also doubled the people I know and that makes being social much more easier.

I’m always surprised on parties, because I seem to enjoy them more than I expected. Maybe it’s the people or the alcohol? I don’t know (in Belgium you can legally drink from the age of 16). Or the people who buy you drinks, free drinks are always better (unless it’s from a stranger, don’t take it. It can be drugged!!). But yeah, going out is the best way to meet new people, so you won’t be forever alone for the rest of your life 😉

The next day was less easy going. After 4 hours of sleep and feeling nauseous from that one beer to many, we had to get up. Getting ready for the book fair. We had a 2 hour train ride ahead of us and not much to talk about, because our parents were with us. In other words, no recalling of memories from last night (not that I was drunk, I remember everything clearly. We’re just the ‘weird’ kind of people). She every time something came up about it, the universal hand-signal for “shut it, my parents don’t know about this.

my parents don't know

But we make it to the book fair. Saw some really interesting books, saw some celebrities. How cool are we! And after 4 years of going there we finally found and actual restaurant to eat, it was really packed but we were lucky. 6 people at a table of 4. cosy 😀

I bought a book, a thriller, called “The Three” from Sarah Lotz it seems really fun. It isn’t only plain text, there are like these chatbox dialogues as well. But the theme is super cool. quick summary!

“4 planes crash down within a couple of hours, all on a different continent. None of the planes have something in common. Except that somehow on 3 of the 4 planes a little child survives the crash. But they change and strange things happen, they start acting weird.”

I found this very intriguing. I like thrillers, it’s my favorite genre. I don’t know if this is weird, but I love it when a thriller is so deep and scary it keeps me awake at night. When you start thinking about the conspiracy theories in the book and try to figure out what happened before you’ve read it. Or maybe that just the creepster in me, who will tell.

And I got “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” from J.K. Rowling for my birthday!!


But then after 2 long and boring days of making homework and studying, it was my birthday! Pancake breakfast, Chinees left over at noon. Cake at my cousin’s house, and waffles for dinner. Somebody asked me how it felt being 17, the only thing I could think of was FAT. I probably gained 3 kilo (6.6 pound)!

So on my birthday we went to my cousin, because his little son’s birthday is on the same day as mine. He turned 1 and got a cake, so they gave me a cake as well, with my name and everything! They thought it would be funny :p

So now I have to get all the extra pound off, somehow. If it could without getting exhausted, or movement at all. As long as they’re gone by Christmas it alright! 😀

I hope you liked it!

Concerts and Shopping!!

Hey there!

And now again, too late, I know. more than a week!! AAAH! Why can’t I do this properly. But Life goes on, even if you suck at it. So lets forget it and write some more!

Except for school my last 2 weeks were rather empty and not interesting at all. But luckily for me we have Fall Break (don’t know if that’s an official term in english, probably not, but that’s how it’s called). And vacation means, in that little bit of free time you have between doing homework, you can go do some actual fun stuff. 

And the best thing to start a vacations is a concert! Yep, that always sets off the vacation very well. Last Saturday, I went to a OneRepublic concert! WHOOP WHOOP! My mom, my sister and I all together, making the family bound even stronger :p
Like always I wasn’t really pleasant company in the car, as I was sleeping the moment we drove of the ramp. Moving vehicles make me really tired, I don’t know why, is that normal?
When we arrived… PIZZA… it’s tradition. Never break tradition, especially when it involves food.

When we finally made it inside, we still had more than enough time left. And we realised “Why do we always come so early?”. Thank God for smartphones, though, they make waiting so much easier!
8 o’clock exact the support act started KONGOS! Objectively good band, music was good. It was a little weird that one of the guitarist had no shoes on :/ My mom absolutely loved them, the first thing she did the next morning was youtube them (she even posted a facebook status about them! My mom… on facebook :o). I like them, but it’s just not my genre of music. Not a major fan!

But then ONE REPUBLIC!! Months of asking and pleading to go, my amazing mom go us tickets (mostly because she wanted to go herself, but who cares :p). They were amazing, I’m so in love with their songs. they’re so amazing live. Ryan Tedder is so active on stage. Always jumping and turning around. involving the crowd. Everything was so good. they did do a lot of covers, which I wasn’t really excited about. Don’t get me wrong, they nailed them as well, but it would’ve been even better with more of their own songs. But hey, they could even sing a Hannah Montana song and make it sound incredible!

I didn’t take much pictures, I was enjoying the performance 😀







And then another activity to enjoy the vacation is SHOPPING! Everybody knows how that goes, so not much to explain here. My friend and I went to Antwerp today! yaay.


And this is what I bought!


Ochre sweater from Forever 21
Black sweater with tine hearts from H&M
Mango hand creme from The Body Shop
If I stay ~ Gayle forman from Standaard Boekhandel (bookstore)
Tomorrow makes me curious notebook from HEMA

Not all stores are international, but you probably can find it in others stores as well 😀

Oh yeah, one more thing! If anyone has some ideas for the lay out of my blog, tell me, because I’m not quite happy about this one and I don’t know what to do ;( HELP ME PLEASE 😮

I hope you like it, if there are any question about something, feel free to ask! 🙂

September Favorites


September’s over! School has been going on for a month now 😦 Getting back in the routine. (And my post is early this week :o) This month I got myself some thing I absolutely love and want to share with you. This will be my first proper favorites post 😉 yay!

first up, a new camera!
I mentioned before that I didn’t have fancy camera, so that all my pictures were taken with my phone. Well, not anymore! I though it was time to invest in a new one, a good one. And that’s exactly what I did! On recommendation of a lot of Youtubers (So I already knew that it was a good one, by stalking them and watching all there vlogs -only to see if the quality of the camera was good, of course :p). So here he is my very own Canon S120 powershot!

(This picture was still taking with my phone, obviously)


I mentioned Youtubers already, so here is a smooth transition to the “Pointless Book” by Alfie Deyes aka Pointlessblog. I absolutely love it. Every time you’re bored or want to take a break, grab the book, flip through the pages and do what the page says. There are so many different this to do, and you can do them over and over again. OR watch Alfie do some of the pages himself, with the PointlessApp! I love, love, love it! AAAH

IMG_0561 pointlessbook tweet

Okay, continuing with… my new purse. I finally found a purse that looks small and fits with almost everything, all still holds all my stuff! Got it from Berskha, in the beginning of this month. It has compartiments! Great for someone as unorganised as myself! (ps: It’s a perfect fit for books! :D)


This one is really adorable, I couldn’t leave the store without buying it. A hedgehog doorstop, this really needs no explanation. And it’s perfect for a little Fall decoration! He is super cute, he only has no name yet 😦

IMG_0466 IMG_0467

And here is my smooth switch to the next favorite, again. FALL!!! Fall is my favorite season. Not to hot, not to cold. Basically the perfect weather … SWEATER WEATHER!!! Sweaters in all kinds of colours and all sorts of prints. Autumn also has so many beautiful natural colours. Don’t forget Halloween, even though is isn’t really ‘celebrated’ here (not like in america, at least), I still like to make Halloween themed things. And fall means it’s almost my birthday! Whoop Whoop!


This is the last one, and I think everybody who reads this want to slap me in the face. The Fault in Our Stars, I know, I should have read that book long ago! But the important thing is that I did read it, eventually. I normally don’t watch the movie, until I’ve read the book. But this one’s different. I’m really into romantic and sad movies, but with books I need action. And again this one’s different, I love this book! I think I’m gonna re-read this book (which I never do), I need to indicate my favorite parts, so when I feel sad, or just in the mood to read, I can re-read my fave parts!


This was it, all my recent favorites! Thanks for reading!