Extra DIY school supplies: Notepad

Hey there!

Get your washi tape out, peeps. This week I have another, way too late, school DIY. But what else to do between learning tests. Better do something creative, instead of mindlessly scrolling through your facebook feed. This will be a Bethany Mota inspired DIY (don’t know her? 😮 Look her up immediately!) I do have one little problem with this DIY, The first steps aren’t on pictures, I realised too late that I could use this for a post :s sorry!

First things first… What will you need!

1. Like I said… WASHI TAPE!!


2. Some thick coloured paper!

IMG_05543. Glue or scotch tape


And that’s it, now we can start the real deal! 😀

So, like I said the first steps aren’t with pictures, because I forgot. But I assure you it is a piece of cake.

Step 1. Buy and cheap, ordinary, (ugly), notepad.

Step 2. Pick your favorite colour of the papers and glue it on. you can also use the scotch tape for this. Life hack on sticky tape… If you don’t have double sided tape, no probs.
Take the normal tape and stick the end to each other, making a circle. (sticky side, outside!)

IMG_0575When you glued your paper to the front of you notepad. We can start decorating.

3. I started with putting washi tape around the edges of the pad. So that the coloured paper would stay on. Very easy!

When that’s done you can do what you want with it, but I’ll show you what I did. (this is were the pictures will start!)

4. With some miss bought wrapping paper, shiny white and sticky, I made a mini white board with it! So if you have a test for that class you can see it right on top of your notepad!! 🙂


To make that look a bit prettier, I put washi tape around that, too. I did cut the tape in half, because it was to thick, otherwise. (!Attention: cutting longer pieces of washi tape in the middle can be tricky!)


5. I kept it simple now. To finish it up I just made a little name card to put underneath. So you know what notepad is for which class!


6. PERSONALISE! Use photo’s, drawings, or other things to make this notepad really yours! I haven’t found a good picture yet 😦 But I will!

I use my notepad for my resumes, because I always lose them and lost notes aren’t very useful when you have exams.

I did get a lot of compliments of people of my class, so I guess it must be pretty cool 😉

Hope you like it as well!

DIY School supplies

Hello there!

School is going on for three weeks now and I finally got all my school supplies (is that late? maybe). But I always have troubles finding the wrapping paper you want or what colour folder to take. So ever since last year I keep it simple. white folder, plain pencils and if I have to use wrapping paper (which isn’t much), it’s also plain. For the simple reason that you can design them yourself. With whatever you like, and It’s super easy!


I know you can buy really cool pencils in the shops already, but what the fun about that? you can’t brag with your friends with ordinary pencils. Solution DIY FUN!

1. First, of course, you’ll have to buy some pencils. Obviously you can find them everywhere! (And plain ones come in bigger packages :p)




2. Next, the most important thing to have when you make DIY’s WASHI TAPE! It’s a necessity, really. You can make everything cooler with it!


3. All you gotta do next is just tape it over the pencils. You can go round it or just from top to bottom. what you think looks better with the pattern. Mine are from top to bottom and I think they’re amazing!


And that’s it for the pencils! told you it was easy!

Next op FOLDER!

for this one you will need: A plain folder (white or coloured, depending on what you will put on it). transparent sticky wrapping paper, scissors, paper and colours.

To begin, you will have to draw or print something of that you’ll be placing on it. I drawn Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. And cut it out.


 Now you have all, we can start!

1. Take the transparent wrapping paper and place your drawing on it. First make a slightly bigger rectangle and cut it out.


(ignore all the stuff around my little stitch! I would stay open otherwise!! :s)

2. Then take you image and place it on the wrapping paper to draw around the outlines.
PS: Take a centimeter off the actual drawing! (so that you have stickiness around the picture as well!
AND PLACE THE IMAGE THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!! If you don’t it wont work.


3. Cut out the outlined wrapping paper and SLOWLY remove the paper from it. When that is don you can place you picture onto the sticky paper and make sure it fits right.


(Soooorry, if you can’t see the transparent paper clearly, I did my best)

4. And finishing this off, very simple. Place the image onto your folder and press it on. minimize the air bubbles and that’s done.


5. Brag with your friends! 😀


Of course the inside of you file will wont some creative attention, too! Fill it with your favorite quotes and lyrics, little drawing throughout the year and you’ll have and amazing memory map you’ll never want to throw away!! For some more inspiration check out my folder of last year!




I hope you liked it! Because I’d love to make some more DIY’s!

Cute DIY gift idea’s

Hello there!

In a couple months my friend and I know each other for a year. That might not be a big deal, but for us it is.

My friend and I are sort of Pen Friends, but the social media version. We talk almost everyday and we talk about everything. I think it is very special to have such a close friendship with somebody from an other country. She is literally the me from Turkey. We like the same things, we help each other out if somethings is wrong. We can always count on each other.

Now that’s said, I can get to the main part of this post. On this special occasion we decided we’d make a “Pen Pal Kit”. It is a little box with little gifts in it.

We are going to actually write a letter to each other, add something typical from a country and then to make it totally complete… a cute little DIY gift. And because I’ve been searching through a lot of DIY, I thought I’d share my favorites with you 🙂



This first one is a little bit specific. “How to make a Harry Potter wand”. I’m absolutely in love with Harry Potter (Well, not actually Harry potter, but Fred Weasley :3 ) harry potter DIY wand


A little something I found, to give your sweetheart. it’s a very sweet and thoughtful gift that is not expensive at all. 52 things i love about you 52 thingds





The next thing isn’t one specific thing, it is more the general idea. GIFTS IN JARS!!! you can Literally can put anything it it. Most ideas involve food, but because I can’t send food to her, I looked a it further. I did found this cute idea. A Memory Jar. This can be something just for you or you can make it with memories you had with your best friends. You can decorate the jars to whatever you like.memory jar





I think this last one is the most perfect and amazing gift anyone could possibly get. I will love you forever if you give me something like this.

Open when… letters. It isn’t so hard to understand what the purpose is of this gift, but it is super cute. And you can choose what to put in the envelops. It could be a letter you wrote, or a little poem, maybe even a drawing or a picture. I though of Quotes, I love quotes. You can explain your whole life using only quotes.

I just can’t explain how much I love this idea. You can make dozens of them, for any occasion at all. decorate them like you want. You can’t do anything wrong with this.

Open when.. letters



So this were a few of the cutest DIY gifts. Hope you liked it, I certainly did. I probably make more of these posts, because I love crafts and making little DIY 🙂