I’m not ready for this

Hello everybody!!

We’re back to somewhat weekly updates!! *yeeey* *screams in excitement* So what have I done this week? let’s do a recap!

Let’s see… Monday I had my first sort of class. It was a prep cours, revising  spelling. Which seemed useful considering I’m going to study speech therapy. Buuuuuuut it wasn’t. My spelling isn’t great, but I’m not supid.

Tuesday was binge-watch day, and gurls night (so actually, doing nothing, not showering and drinking).

And then the fun part of the week started! *YAY*So wednesday I celebrated our 7 month anneversary, because we didn’t get to celebrate our 6month. We went to Ghent, where we are going to live the next couple of years (not together).

Then thursday we went to the sea for our ‘Awesome HSM party @ the beach’ (named it myself *proud*) It was amazing! way to much alcohol, but the most fun I had in a long time! we ate french fries, tried new vodka, opened a large bottle of beer with a fork. and had best spin the wheel game ever!

And of course, fun doens’t last forever 😦 Saturday was whopping day, food and last minute stuff I needed to survive in my dorm. But it got better, my boyfriend showed up, always makes my day 10000 times better!

And then came Sunday, the day I tried to ignore. I had to pack all my last things and move to Ghent (which is still close to home, but still surviving on my own… tricky) But I have my coffee and food for at least 3 days… so I guess I get through?

Just gotta get through the fist couple of week and I’ll be used to it? Right? I really hope so!!

Update and room tour is coming soon!!! Bye!!




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